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"The opinions expressed in these editorials are not necessarily the opinion of RPGamer or it's staff. RPGamer is in no way responsible for the content of these editorials, and does not endorse them or ensure their validity. If you have a complaint about the views or information presented, please contact the author directly. Only contact Mr. Maciel if there is a technical problem or should you have a formal complaint."

   The preceding was a disclaimer that should be read carefully and taken to heart. I don't want us or anyone else getting into trouble ^^ Hopefully it'll be gone next week.

[03.28.2000] - In case you're Nihongilliterate like me, the title means "you're late." Well, yeah, I admit it. I'm guilty of the said crime. I took a couple day break from the every 3 days updates or whatever I've been doing.

On the upside, Akumu is the man of the day providing me with great looking Kanji for my signature pic, so it won't look so, well, plain. Now there's the drawing, and the font, and I'll all giddy like a school-girl (who just pulled an all-nighter working for you ungrateful sw-- nevermind).

I'd like to reiterate a couple things. First of all is the accepted formats for submissions. Pretty pretty please with sugar on top send your editorials in .txt, .html, or just as text in the body of the e-mail. A topic suggesting an editorial is nice, but not required.

In other news, I'm changing the title of the rebuttal section thing to "Begging for Feedback." Why you ask? Well, even if you didn't, I'll tell you. Some people felt that I was singling out people, and that wasn't too nice. Also, I get an editorial a week or more asking for response. This week's is WELL worth a read, and I presume that the author is asking for feedback in the form of direct e-mail, and editorials, so get cracking ^^

Hopefully that covers all the bases. As always, feel free to find me on (as Darien, usually in #RPGamer). You may even win such valuable prizes as random quotes from editorials! (and this week, there are some GREAT quotes in the eds). So come visit, you know you want to...right?

This week we have an excellent gnostic reference guide from Xenogears, including analysis of the much talked-about song Small of Two Pieces by Philippe R-A, an excellent synopsis of the end of FF7 by Michael Harnest, the only person I know who has made sense out of it, and a rebuttal to Intrasonic which is a must read. So go read! Yay!

  - Joshua "Darien" Maciel
Thank you Silkenray, Akumu, and Dragoneer for the effort!

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