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NIXON'S BACK! March 21, 2005

Editor's Comments:Snyder's got something on his chest. I hope to god it's his shirt. But in any case, he's got something to say about Shenmue 2, gaming reviews, and loving something despite its flaws. Hey, we can't like all the so-called 'great ones', can we? Snyder, thou speakst from the heart, to the heart!

Editor's Comments:There IS magic in the air, isn't there? I wish there were, at least. I want that "Get Me A Scone" spell. That'd be awesome. Oh, uh, and the good Mr. Windes throws in his two cents about what happened to magic, showing us cases where magic and special skills aren't just optional; they're a good idea.

Editor's Comments:Sort of a companion editorial to Snyder's, discussing how good games (one in particular; try to guess, seriously, I'll give you a cookie) are made through elements that have no right to rock as hard as they do.

Editor's Comments:Some call him the Master Chief. Others... probably not so much. Me, I call him "The other guy who's gonna talk about magic this week." He's got a few things on his mind about justifying and implementing that disputed element, about making logic out of illogic, as it were. Illogic is a word, right? Well, I'm using it anyway!

Editor's Words

Covering for the Dracos man, on pain of death, which distracted me from more worthwhile activities. Ah well. Anyway, an interesting set of editorials this week, and not just because I'm there again. Out of four for today, either they were talking about Snyder's ed, or they WERE Snyder. Or, uh... they were two other guys, I guess. Ahem. Anyway, magic and subjective perceptions of glorious gaming are the topics of the day. Even better, we actually got some non-staff submissions. Where I come from, we call that progress. Sweet, sweet progress.

Among other things: Eds Hour actually succeeded this time, but we're still getting a crowd of the usual suspects in each time. C'mon, folks, join us once in a while! We don't bite. Well, not YOU, at least. You probably don't taste good. Seriously, though, we're a friendly lot. You get in, you toss ideas back and forth, submit, critique, get some coffee, and some darn good cherry pie. You'll laugh, you'll proclaim its brilliance, you won't have any idea what's going on. And if you caught where I got all that from, I salute thee.


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