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The Right Place March 19, 2007

Editor's Comments: FlameThrower believes that the GameCube version of Twilight Princess was lacking a little something. Pay attention developers, he's got the fix for you.

Editor's Comments: The line between RPG and other genres can be very thin. Tony discusses which side of the line Animal Crossing should be on.

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn brings talk of dragons. Actually, he tells us boldly why he thinks that the Dragon Force series is one of the greatest ever.

Editor's Comments: Dallas hates stopping to ask for directions, but has to do so often in RPGs. Come see how he finds his way from point A to point B.

Editor's Words

Hello again RPGamers. All is puppies and kittens in the world of editorials as we have a nice new selection for everyone to read. Maybe puppies and kittens is a little extreme, but anytime we get submissions here, we are happy. I want to offer a virtual cookie to the first person to send me a serious rebuttal to one of our recent topics. You can even pick the flavor. Don't like cookies? Well, I'll even offer pie or cake as well. Though the discussion on which is better belongs elsewhere. Enough food talk, let's read some editorials.

Starting us off is FlameThrower with his discussion about Twilight Princess's controls on the GameCube. He feels that something is lacking and shares just what he would do to fix it. Next, we have our newest staffer returning to us with his thoughts on Animal Crossing's genre classification. Should it be considered an RPG? What truly defines whether a game is an RPG? JuMeSyn offers his thoughts on why Dragon Force is a series to be reckoned with. And last of all, Dallas discusses his anger at a lack of direction in RPGs. I know we've each been there wandering around without a clue as to where to go next, so stop by and see what he has to say on the subject.

If it's loving that you want, well, it's loving you'll receive when you send in an editorial. Just write something up and toss it with Editorials in the subject line to You all have done a great job of proofing your own works, so please keep up the good work. I would still like to hear from you all on any changes that we made as of late. Have you liked the changes? Would you make other changes? I would really like to have enough to feature an outstanding reader editorial or rebuttal. It just seems that the forum seems to kill any chances of rebuttals since you seem to have it out there. So, the next time you start writing up a long-winded reply to someone on the boards, stop and see if it would make a good editorial. I bet it would. Thanks and I'll see you all next time.


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