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Nyx and Her Boyfriends (Plus Ladyfriends) March 18, 2009
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A Social Sampling of RPGamers Michael Cunningham

Editorial Excerpt:

"When it comes to RPGamers, we are a niche population already, but even we can be divided into further types. After much research and years of study, I've found that those years of research were pointless. We never really change."

From the Editor's Desk

I'm still truckin', even as my work load continues to grow as the weeks roll on. Mind you, I just keep looking towards that glorious day known as graduation and I smile to myself because I'm almost home free! Out of nine assignments due (yes, I miscounted), I officially have two completed. Not a bad way to start the semester off if I say so myself. The thesis keeps moving along, as always. I look forward to when that beast is complete. Seriously. I haven't done too much gaming this week other than I finally beat Persona 3: FES and I got my wish to date Mitsuru! Accomplishment? I think so!

Editorials this week come from Michael 'Macstorm' Cunningham. This week, Macstorm takes a closer look at the niche population known as RPGamers. I quite love his piece as it is stuff I've often pondered myself.

Also! I am looking for staff and fan submissions for the April Fools Column. You can discuss anything you like, and the more humorous, the better. Tasteful humor, that is. If you want to write a parody of an RPG, or do some genre-bending some of your favourite games, those are just some examples of what is acceptable. What is genre-bending? Taking characters from one story and transposing them to a different or 'what if' setting. Some examples the boys and I have come up with include throwing the cast of the Persona 3 series and creating a romantic comedy, or placing the cast of Chrono Trigger into a slasher film setting. Be as creative as you like, but be advised that I will be going over the content to see if it's appropriate. Submissions must be sent before Wednesday, April 1st, if you wish to be included in the column.

Happy writing, and I will see you all next week! (Providing school doesn't kill me!)

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