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Free Final Dragon Fantasy For You? March 14, 2005

Editor's Comments:A sister editorial to the last one I wrote, addressing a general misconception about monster design that often leads to the loss of sanity checks in the first place.

Editor's Comments:You should ban this article. Everywhere. Don't read it for the sake of the children.

Editor's Comments: So how many characters do you really need? Ten? Twenty? I know, One Hundred and Eight. Perfect number, isn't it?

Editor's Comments:John brings the controversy and the lead pipe of history. If you think you can take him, you're welcome to try.

Editor's Words

Slow week, folks. Not a single submission. Though, John put in double duty to keep it from being a Drac-week, so cheers to John. Come on folks, it's spring break for some of you. That's plenty of time to write up an ed or ten. Hopefully, I'll look at my email box right after getting this up and a few last minute eds will arrive. Aside, completely blowing off work this last weekend and playing Ys 6 all day long was awesome. Stabbities ahoy!

Along those lines we're having Editorials' hour this week. I SHALL BE THERE. It will happen this week. For those who've not been there before there's to help you out or, our still in testing mode, Java Client which you can log into and type '/join #edscorner' in order to get to the room. It's still in testing mode folks, so I'm sorry if it has any problems for you. 9 PM EST as always will be when the whole party gets started. Don't be frightened if you've never written before. We don't bite...except for Roogle. And he can be pacified with a biscuit. This is not a form letter. Really.

A week with no rebuttals and no responses? Shock! It's been nearly a month since we've seen that. Are we getting to easy to agree with? Anyhow, have a good week folks and I'll see you next monday! And possibly not at a Les Miserables performance.


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