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People Got A Lotta Nerve March 11, 2009
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Confirm Critical! Sam 'Nyx' Marchello

Editorial Excerpt:

"I recognize that at RPGamer, tabletops simply do not get the attention they deserve. It is shameful that this is the case, but truth be told, it is always hard to find someone who would constantly love to discuss tabletops each month. With our lack of Saving Throw columnist, it has gotten me thinking about where tabletops have gone over the last few years."

Scurvy Dogs Mike 'JuMeSyn' Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt:

"Recently I had a conversation with a good friend where we got to talking about our respective DS collections. My friend suggested that I invest in a flash card with multiple games, citing our favorite DS graphic as the reason to do so. Certainly, Nintendo is doing just fine monetarily right now, and I can comprehend not wanting to feed the company's ego by dumping more money into its coffers. Piracy, however, has two key aspects that I cannot get behind."

From the Editor's Desk

School is out to kill me. How so? I have eight assignments due between now and May 15th. Isn't that stupid? Yes, yes it is. One of them is my honors thesis, and that was trying to kill me months before. Still, I'm determined to survive. Once March is done, I'll only have five assignments instead of eight. However, thanks to school trying to kill me, my time for games is very limited, so I've only really been playing Final Fantasy I and Retro Game Challenge. Hopefully, I'll finish a game soon. However, I do have two great things to look forward to in April: I'm seeing Neko Case and Jonathan Coulton live, and I know those two concerts are going to be a great form of stress relief.

Eds-wise, I've got two pieces this week. I share some of my experience of tabletop games and why I feel they don't get enough love here at RPGamer, while the dashing JuMeSyn discusses the issue of pirates! ...I mean piracy. Y'arrr!

Also, I need some new songs to groove to. To a certain person whom I know that reads this column - Bruce Springsteen is not something you can shake your groove thing to. I don't think I can listen to the Boss now without thinking of my thesis... or of Battle Royale. Speaking of my thesis, I should probably go work on that, shouldn't I?

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