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One Day More March 7, 2005

Editor's Comments:Game Development is a challenging affair. It's easy to lose track of things in the drive to get stuff finished. Here's a bit of a reminder on the importance though of not forgetting to double check the sanity of what is happening.

Editor's Comments:Chris gives a stirring argument on what needs to be done to transform magic into a more usable resource in battle. Besides Knights of the Round, of course.

Editor's Comments: The Master Chief attains his copper ranking, touching upon the neglected ways to improve a silent protagonist. He also lights a mime on fire at the end. Not to be missed.

Editor's Comments:So you say you want realism in your games? The hard core stuff? No one acts like that? Alan brings mike to give you just that.

Editor's Words

I imagine this weekend far, far in the future when I come home and do not have to kill myself with work and can play a good ten hours of gaming back to back. It'll rock. Anyhow, it's been slow behind the scenes of late. We got some cool stuff on the backburner but it'll be a long time in coming with the current academic climate. We got a full set of eds this week and will manage the same next week. But the backlog is pretty much gone again. Write in some stuff folks. It's been fun keeping to a four a week schedule and I don't want to break the streak.

Along those lines we're having Editorials' hour this week. I may or may not be there. My delightfully lovely classes are tossing two tests at me that evening and well, fast or not, odds aren't good of me making it back to my computer by that time. John 'Karlinn' Boske will be running it if I'm not there, so don't torment my witty assistant too much. For those who've not been there before there's to help you out or, our still in testing mode, Java Client which you can log into and type '/join #edscorner' in order to get to the room. It's still in testing mode folks, so I'm sorry if it has any problems for you. 9 PM EST as always will be when the whole party gets started. Don't be frightened if you've never written before. We don't bite...except for Roogle. And he can be pacified with a biscuit.

A week with no rebuttals and no responses? Shock! It's been nearly a month since we've seen that. Are we getting to easy to agree with? Anyhow, have a good week folks and I'll see you next monday! And possibly not at a Les Miserables performance.


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