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Two Hours Later March 6, 2006

Editor's Comments: Paws knows what next-gen system she's going to buy. But why? Inside, she figures out whether or not her reasons are good or horribly wrong.

Editor's Comments: Every once in awhile, a game comes along and makes us change everything. Just what are these 'definitive games,' and what is it that they do to us?

Editor's Comments: With the current onslaught of people playing MMORPGs, Matt decides to try to understand this phenomenon and if the current trend will continue.

Editor's Comments: Some games get it right. Some games get it very, very wrong. Voice acting is becoming more and more common in our games, but is that a good thing?

Editor's Words

Well, I guess I'm back. That was certainly quick.

I just volunteered to help out, so don't think this is permanent or anything. Besides, I have Roundtables to work on, as well. Although...I should probably write an editorial at some point...

Anyway, this week we've got yet another wonderful slew of editorials just waiting to be read! First up, we've got Paws trying to figure out exactly why she wants a PS3, regardless of the lack of information presented to her. Gabriel is up next, and he discusses his 'definitive game' theory, in which certain games are so amazing that they change the way you think about an entire genre. Our very own newsie, Matt, analyzes the current trend of MMORPGs and whether or not they are becoming stagnant. Finally, we have a brand new fan editorialist, Nick, who attacks the topic of voice acting and the reasons why some of it is better than others.

Hopefully Angel will be back next week so I can continue my reign of terror elsewhere. I'll probably have an editorial up next week, provided this Spring Break thingy doesn't take up too much of my time.

Squee ya later.


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