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Loss of Me March 5, 2007

Editor's Comments: JuMeSyn may not have a mental disorder, but he thinks that a main character with one would be interesting. I wonder if you would spend the whole game talking to yourself?

Editor's Comments: The Master Chief comes to us discussing the issues with episodic gaming. Does it extend the experience or just delay things?

Editor's Comments: Michael offers a rebuttal to Tony Capri's editorial on Final Fantasy III. Was the game all that it should have been?

Editor's Comments: Jason returns this week to share his frustrations with final dungeons. Do gamers really need to spend the last few hours of an RPG in one?

Editor's Words

Greetings RPGamers. Michael here, welcoming you once more into the joyous world that is editorials. Submissions have still been a bit slow and I really would love to see a rebuttal pop in for the next update. From all the talk on the board, I know you all have an opinion on these topics. Just toss your opinions to me instead of verbally smashing the forum competition. What better way to get in the last word than having your thoughts posted here on the site? You could be famous. Well, maybe not famous, but at least someone might read your submission. If you are afraid of being trashed in the forums, then just don't use your real name. I promise I won't tell anyone.

This week starts with JuMeSyn's editorial about the potential of a main character with a mental disorder. He discusses the different options for this and the problems that could arise. Jesus "The Master Chief" Zamora is back with us again talking about his views on episodic content and how it would play in the field of RPGs. Jason bumps up to mythril status this week while talking about final dungeons in RPGs. They are a sore spot for him and he shares why. Finally, I decided to hunt for a topic to write a rebuttal on. Tony "Geeky Dad" Capri seemed like a rational fellow, so I thought I would be safe in countering his editorial on Final Fantasy III. Rebuttals really can be quite fun.

Stop right there, because I know what your thinking. You think that I'm going to start begging again. Ok, so this week's offering was a little less than that of last week, but they can't all be winners. Just so you don't forget, is where you should send your submissions. Please put the word "editorial" somewhere in the subject, so that it doesn't get junked with the porn and Viagra emails. We will take both editorials and rebuttals, so don't be shy. If you need help getting started, either stop by #edscorner on IRC or send your questions to We will help you anyway we can. Until next time...


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