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This Tornado Loves You March 4, 2009
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Missing the Magic Sam 'Nyx' Marchello

Editorial Excerpt:

"I use to be a very loyal Square fan. After playing Chrono Trigger I found myself attempting to nab any and every RPG I could find at my local video store. Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy II and III - these games became a staple of my childhood. As Square merged to become Square Enix, I was still a continuous supporter of its games, but I found myself bored of Square-developed titles, and tri-Ace essentially is what continued to keep me buying Square Enix products."

From the Editor's Desk

I love my city. I complain about it sometimes, but I recognize there are some fantastic things about it that keeps me here. On Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a one day gaming event where nerds from the Greater Toronto Area could hang out, make friends, and play awesome games they may not have known existed. My boyfriend was GMing a Savage Worlds tabletop game that was a huge success - I got to play a necromancer who had morbid tendencies to collect finger nails. Besides tabletop gaming, there were also people playing various kinds of board games. I was introduced to a fantastic board game called Red November, a game where you play communist gnomes trying to repair your submarine before it sinks. It was a hilarious experience. I love board games, and the more quirky the board game, the better. Needless to say, the event was a fantastic experience. It makes me wish RPGamer could host its own little gaming convention.

Also, as promised, I will discuss the Chun Li movie: It was awful. So awful, in fact, that I giggled through the entire movie. I enjoyed it! If you want to go have a laugh, then it is worth seeing. But seriously, magic baby? Wha?

On the gaming front, I managed to put in some time with Persona 3: FES, and finally hit the 6th block, so I am almost finished the game! And I look forward to finishing the game considering it has been a long, if amazing, experience. I've also put in more time with Retro Game Challenge and have finally opened Guadia Quest! I look forward to tackling the challenges in that particular game. Lastly, I'm going to pimp my boys over at RPGBacktrack because their recent podcast has me playing Final Fantasy I for Tots, also known as Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. I'm not very far in the game, but I am having fun with it. See what happens when people discuss nostalgia?

I have one editorial this week. The "Your Opinion" questions have changed, and perhaps they will generate some new discussion. As for this lovely editor, it is time to go back to working on my research thesis of awesome. See you all next week, and keep submitting those opinions!

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