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Ninja Skeleton Pirates Febuary 28, 2005

Editor's Comments:Matthew Foster continues our streak of weirdly named Xeno-stuff giving a nolstalgic reflection on what he's seen in Xenogears through the years.

Rebutting Xenogears - Schlechte Deutsche Oder: Oh yeah, I know English

Editor's Comments:Coming out of the backlog, one of our own goes into the depth of the gaming market beyond simple RPGs.

Rebutting On the Importance of the RPGamer

Editor's Comments: The Master Chief strikes again, delving into the history of sexism in games.

Rebutting Give the Lady Some Armor!

Editor's Comments:A pondering at one of the lesser cliches of our time. Hero, Fighter, Wizard, Theater student? Eh? What?

Editor's Words

I owe you guys an apology. It's been a bit of a crazy week, but I still should've had the column up last night. Sorry about that. Interview with the New York Times, money thrown in my face, and tests conspired against me. Anyhow, getting it up this morning we got a bunch of rebuttals. They literally flew from the skies into my email box from every which direction. Sadly though, our backlog is slowly faltering back. It's still healthy, which is awesome, but if I don't get some healthy editorial writing soon, we're going to fall back on Drac-week, with me having written the whole set. And I don't even want that =P. Anyhow, seriously though, thanks for all the regular submissions folks. I'll see you all next week...or in our ever growing chatroom: Peace out!


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