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Evil Takeover, Part 2 February 27, 2006

Editor's Comments: Sure, your characters are cool, but what about that one guy that you get in the beginning? You know, the one that is the epitome of awesomeness? Anna Marie discusses the problems concerned with having these stronger characters.

Editor's Comments: I wish I had an airship. Right now. Maybe I can find one on eBay. Apparently, many people would like one as soon as possible, so Gabriel takes it upon himself to tell the masses why it's much better to wait.

Editor's Comments: Henry claims that while most people sit back and enjoy games, they tend to miss out on all of the hidden political nuances. Grab your pitchforks, torches, propaganda, and chads, and then saddle up to hear his thoughts.

Editor's Comments: Matt shows up again to discuss the finer points of being the bad guy, and why the lack of anti-hero main characters is disturbing and trite, to say the least. Should he be allowed to blow things up? Truly, a writer after my own heart.

Editor's Words

Oh, sweet, sweet, misguided Angel...leaving me in charge...sigh.

Before anything, I have to announce to the world that the Editorials Staff now has a new cheer - SQUEEE!!!!

Well, I guess this is where I come in. I'm not evil, I swear. Just...ambitious. Matt has already had to suffer my presence in his Q&A, and it only seemed fitting that I branch out my influence over more and more aspects of the site. And if you ask him, he enjoyed the experience! I'm also quite positive that Angel loves having me around as well.

*tenderly rubs the stab wounds on his back*

But, I promised to actually get stuff done, we go!

This week, we'll start out with newly-copper Anna Marie providing insight into the issues revolving around having party members who are much stronger than the rest of the team. Gabriel is up next, and he argues that having global transportation early on is detrimental to gameplay, followed by Henry, who claims that many people are missing out on the hidden political messages in games. Finally, Matt returns with (yet another...sheesh) an outcry to the masses, concerning his wish to play as the anti-hero.

Some good stuff this week, I think. I'm tempted to hang around, but sadly, I'll have to hand it back to Angel for next week. Hope you enjoyed having me around...I'll be back...evil always returns...


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