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Times of War February 26, 2007

Editor's Comments: Does the Xbox 360 have a wave of RPGamers to look forward to or is Dallas just dreaming? This year looks to be the time that the world finds out.

Editor's Comments: Jeffery comes to us today reporting from the front lines of the system war. He sees the victor in sight, but is it who you think?

Editor's Comments: Michael thinks that the RPG world needs more cowbell. Ok, maybe not really, but he does see the need for a little something extra in the area of portables.

Editor's Comments: Jason feels that the Wii has great potential with its Virtual Console. What Nintendo plans to do with that potential is still up in the air, but Jason has hope.

Editor's Words

Greetings RPGamers. This is Michael rolling in again to bring you yet another batch of editorials. I'm quite impressed with the submissions for this week. It seems that my begging paid off. I was hoping for a rebuttal that I could feature this week, but it seems like people just didn't disagree enough with last week's topics to warrant sending something in. Well, I'm not going to get down in the dumps about that, because we do have some rather interesting editorials to discuss this week. Maybe these hot topics will be enough for someone to want to send in a rebuttal for me to feature.

All of our editorials this week focus on the major hardware players and how the system war is fairing. Dallas focuses on the Xbox 360, discussing many of the upcoming titles. Jeffery has seen the end of the war and knows who the winner will be. I try to start a war of my own by discussing the always touchy topic of handheld gaming systems. With all of the next-gen games that have been announced, we are in for an interesting 2007. Finally, we have another staff reviewer bringing us his thoughts on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console. All four submissions are interesting reads, so give them a look and share your thoughts with us. My apologies to JuMeSyn, who wrote an interesting editorial on mentally unstable main characters. His editorial was bumped since this week seemed to have a solid theme going, but he will now be featured in next week's column. Thanks for your submission.

It's always the same; it's just a shame, that's all. The response was great last time, but I ask of you again, please send your submissions to Just make sure that you put the word "editorial" somewhere in the subject. Don't make it hard on yourself, just type up what you have to say in something as simple as the body of an email, read over it a couple times, run it through a spell checker, and mail it in. And remember, rebuttals are always fun and are much better than just replying in the forum, because you get to see your name featured here on the site!


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