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Xenosaga 3: Ein ßuffenchaller Mit Zur Fröben Febuary 21, 2005

Editor's Comments:A definitive Xenogears work. Or something like that. One of our long time forumers steps up to the plate for the first time. It's long, but worth the read and pretty darn good for bending to this editor's whims on the spot.

Editor's Comments: Now, before anyone complains. This editorial was written weeks ago, but got eaten by the mail client. Even though it's now a bit dated, I feel obligated to let it go up given it is well reasoned and argued and should've gotten to go up earlier.

Editor's Comments: Neat. I hit gold, Only fourteen editorials to go for the next rank! Whee. Anyhow, a rebuttal to last week's complaints on continuing.

Rebutting Would you Like to Continue?

Editor's Comments:A PC centric rebuttal to last week's save point ed. Focusing on the differences between the auto-save PC paradigm and the save point paradigm.

Rebutting Would you Like to Continue?

Editor's Words


Okay, that was supposed to be the entire column this week. The over-the-top Xeno reference. The inexplicable end without any real information. The joke was all planned out nicely. Then someone reminded me that there was actually relevent news this week that had to be said. I pouted most fiercely, I assure you, but in the end, the importance of not leaving our readers in the dark won out. Darn sensibilities. Anyhow, I've recently learned that our mail system has been evolving. Yes. You heard right, evolving. It has advanced from simply not receiving mail to going as far as throwing out valid editorials without me seeing them. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Truly. So, if you've sent an editorial in the last month and not seen it go up promptly or receive a response about it, you have two options. Option A: Email it again to the account with the standard "[Editorial]Your Title" title line and hope it gets to me this time. I respond to all of these. This is the preferred option. What about those who still are having trouble and not getting a response up to two days after sending? Option B: Send to my personal account: Don't do this often unless you're sure it isn't getting through to main editor account. I try and keep my personal accounts separate from work for the most part. There might have been something else, but mind, easily distracted. Look, a postscript!

Postscript: Editorials Hour, Wednesday, 9 PM EST, It's always quite a fun and active event and we're always warmly looking forward to new faces. If you get a chance, drop by. Even if you're not up to writing, look at it as a chance to meet some of the folks producing a lot of these editorials that go up. Hey, you even get a chance to complain about this stunt directly. Double score!


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