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Post-Postmodernism Febuary 14, 2005

Editor's Comments: Easy to define, tough to nail down. Our very own Diana Scott takes us through the ins and outs of that which makes us ponder the eternal question: Is this game hard, or do I just suck?

Editor's Comments: Gabriel Ang takes a good, hard swing at nonlinearity and considers a different possibility for that oh-so-elusive quality, one that doesn't involve 'go through the front' or 'crawl through a vent from the bathroom to the secret staging area of the robot-Freemason-Denver Broncos conspiracy'.

Editor's Comments: The good Mr. Russo has a bone to pick with challenge as well, in a way. You are all invited to think back to a time when men were men, women were women, and children weren't yet discussing which team the latest Final Fantasy hero was playing for.

Editor's Comments: Our man Ian takes on the perennial 'women with outfits wholly inappropriate for combat/adventuring/et cetera' issue, stating how we, collectively, continue to objectify fake women. Oh, Ian, you say that like it's a bad thing! :)

Editor's Words

I swear I don't know how it happens. One minute I'm posting the animated Hitler-in-a-lowrider gif that I stole from some guy's sig in between daily scuffles with society, and the next I'm running the show, if only for this week. Just goes to show you kids out there: ambition is not a prerequisite to success!

Ahem. Some good stuffs this week, although I apologize for the somewhat lopsided ratio of staff-to-fan submissions. Remember folks, this is your chance to have your opinions immortalized, so send in those eds! I mean, hey, I do it and I'm not exactly brimming with intellect. I didn't even know how until Dracos bugged me into it. Come on, don't make me get controversial up here. FFVI sucked! Sephiroth was a better villain than Kefka! Xenogears was an endorsement of Communism! Pi is exactly 3! Dick Sargent was the better Darren!


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