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Double-Plus Uber Good Febuary 07, 2005

Editor's Comments:Now, while it may seem that this editorial is a commentary on recent events, it was actually written in parallel during an Editorials' Hour two weeks ago to my original editorial, as a clever satire on both the trends in gaming and some of the quirks we take for granted.

Editor's Comments: Much to my disappointment, this is not a tribute to the mighty trampoline hopping mouse cop extraordinaire Mappy. What it is though, is a considered suggestion on the development of maps in the modern RPG era.

Editor's Comments: I have but my shield to hold before me as I walk through the valley of death. 'lo, I shall fear no evil, for light has not gone out.


Editor's Comments: Former curator Melinda Nguyen steps out of the shadows for a bit, pondering a question near to her heart that has become somewhat pertinent over the last year.

Editor's Words

Slow week this week, but probably for the best. Been kind of buried myself and all, ignoring a bit of writing I got done. Ah, I don't remember last semester being so tough, and I was taking more work then too. Well, update at least still on schedule. Got a good set this week and still a reasonable backlog, though far too much of it is me. Thanks as always to those wrote in. This section couldn't persist without your regular support. We're still set for two weeks of updates right now, as of this moment, but we're also in sort of a bind. I do believe this section is more about those of you out there then those of us in here. I'd like to avoid having us staff totally dominate all of the updates for the next few weeks so, help me out?

Also this week: Editorials Hour, Wednesday, 9 PM EST, It's always quite a fun and active event and we're always warmly looking forward to new faces. If you get a chance, drop by. Even if you're not up to writing, look at it as a chance to meet some of the folks producing a lot of these editorials that go up.


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