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The Impression That I Get February 4, 2009
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Second Chances Sam 'Nyx' Marchello

Editorial Excerpt:

"Seconds chances are something we rarely give anything nowadays. If we dislike something the first time around, often as people we are stubborn enough to avoid any new incarnations whether it be a sequel to a film, television show, novel, and even video games."

A Lament for Print Media: Convenient Location Mike 'JuMeSyn' Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt:

"The recent death of Electronic Gaming Monthly has dispirited me somewhat. Taken as a sign of the economy, it seems a harbinger of further gaming publications dying in the future as a result of the problems afflicting all printed media. Perhaps watching Gamepro die will not be a cause for much sadness, but as gaming publications die off it cannot be interpreted as a sign of a healthy industry. For me at least, information is different in its paper format compared to computerized means."

From the Editor's Desk

Well, it's official, I'm back to school. The strike has finally ended and while I recognize nothing has been resolved, I can at least be excited by the fact that my summer will not entirely be shot. I should be done by the first week of June, which is better than by next September. I'm extremely disappointed in how both sides handled the situation, but at the same time what's done is done. Sadly with school being back on it means I need to work on my thesis again, which I was working on during the break, but not as much as I should have been. On the other hand, my supervisor went AWOL so I didn't want too progress to far in case I was doing something wrong.

This also means that I won't get to do as much gaming as I'd like to. That's the one sucky part of school. Thankfully, while I work three days a week and have classes one day a week (until Winter semester then it's two days a week) I can still at least put together the column, which is the important thing! Game-wise I hit the fifty hour mark in Persona 3: FES, and god this game is addictive. I could be in trouble! I also played more Final Fantasy IV DS, and I completed Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I put Rune Factory 2 down for a few days because if you've been reading my blog, you'll understand why.

This week on the editorial beat we have pieces by myself and my new editorialist, Mike 'JuMeSyn' Mike Moehnke. We each provide two different prespectives on the past. JuMeSyn laments the loss of print media in the gaming industry, while I reflect on past experience and what it means to give something a second chance. Hopefully you readers will enjoy our hard work this week, and perhaps maybe you'll get an inkling to write your own editorial. The content is always appreciated. If you're stumped, check out our 'Your Opinion' questions and see if they strike your fancy. Also, check me out this week on RPGCast where Chris attempts to hook me up with staff members! Despite the fact that I already have a male companion.

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