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Top of the Class February 4, 2008
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How NOT to Sell Hardware Mike "JuMeSyn" Moehnke

Editorial Excerpt: "The Sega CD was and is a much-maligned piece of hardware."

Underachiever Michael Cunningham

Editorial Excerpt: "Are you addicted to Xbox 360 Achievements?"

From the Editor's Desk

» Reader #24 attacks and deal 34 damage to the column.
» Reader #78 sends in an editorial, healing the column for 20 HP.
» Column readies Opinion Slash.
» Column defeats Reader #24 and gains 150 XP.
» Column is now level 47.

We have two returning editorialists today: JuMeSyn and myself. JuMeSyn discusses the failings of the Sega CD and I talk about Xbox 360 Achievements in RPGs. Come to the boards and tell us what you think.

On Friday, the cupboards were almost completely bare. As of right now, I have five more editorials in the bag. How long will it stay that way? You have the power to decide that, so don't wait any longer. Send in your submissions now.

As for me, I'm slowly playing through Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, so expect a review soon. I seriously doubt many people care about it though, so I'm not in too much of a rush. I just need to finish it before Lost Odyssey comes out. On the portable side, I'm playing through Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and have touched Spectral Souls for just a few minutes. I'm considering this my first true playthrough of FFT, as the last time I played through it was at the launch of the PlayStation version and I didn't really care for the game. I admit, I was spoiled by easier tactical RPGs at the time: Vandal Hearts, Shining Force III, etc. I'm enjoying it now though, but I find the massive amount of options in character building both awesome and overwhelming. I love to max out and customize my characters, so I keep spending time in random battles gaining JP. Oh well, I will get through it. Spectral Souls is a loading nightmare. Only try it if you have a slim PSP. If not for that, it would be kind of enjoyable. It has me excited for Spectral Force 3. Have fun reading the editorials, and I'll see you next week.

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