Editorials for February 3rd, 2002.
  Blue Flowers

The Importance of Character Niches in RPGsJoseph Witham

No one really likes a boring battle system, least of all Joseph Witham, a member of our news staff here. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more from him in the future, and maybe next week we'll even get some new reader submissions to keep our staff company. </hint>

Good readers and writers,

Not much to say here either. I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of submissions, but I know how busy I've been, so I won't hold it against any of you. I'm still working on my arrangement of "Fear of the Angels", as well as considering moving to another design for this section. Well, I'm off to go study. Let's see if you can fill up my inbox with submissions by the time I get back.

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