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Are You A Bad Enough Dude To Save Wish? January 31, 2005

Editor's Comments:We got some fire flying this week! Doug Hill rings in with his own thoughts and personal insights from the other side of the table on why Mutable Realms may have dropped Wish like a hot potato.

Rebutting Mutable Realms is Lying to You

Editor's Comments: First in a new experiment to both provide faster paced rebuttals and keep one topic from occupying the section for weeks on end, Heath is getting a chance to offer a defense the same week the counterpoint goes up.

Rebutting Heath Hindman is Lying to You.. Ok, Not Exactly

Editor's Comments: Alas, a blow struck! A rebuttal arguing the importance of morally complicated characters to good story telling.

Rebutting A Tribute to an Old Fashioned Hero

Editor's Comments: Brian Cowan steps bravely out again, bringing with him a reminiscing of the wooden airships of old and thier rickety flights across the world before the age of super-uber-ultraships.

Editor's Words

This past week stands now as the most productive week Editorials has seen since I began following it. My box held no fewer than eleven separate editorials. There are, to my knowledge, many more in the pipe. With this posting, we have a backlog of seven editorials. My offer, gentle readers, remains! Make it hit twenty, and I will spend a few hours more each week updating and bring editorials to you twice a week. I'd love to have reason to do that extra work. Some may notice we have an editorial rebutting an editorial in the same update. It's me again, testing new stuff. Many have complained in the past about stuff dragging out for weeks on end. Now, I personally think debate is wonderful to have here, but I can easily see weeks of the same topic getting tedious. So when possible, I'm going to try and have any rebuttals from the staff end of things go up at the same time, so that instead of weeks of the same topic, we get a point/counterpoint setup with both sides visible. If this goes well, I'm going to try and take it the next step, contacting folks so that they can more easily and quickly defend thier points and the readers get a more varied set of viewpoints on the same week instead of weeks apart. Anyhow, other than that, we got some awesome stuff in the works. It'll be a few months before it comes to fruitation, but hopefully we'll keep on the path of constantly making the section better.

Also a final thanks to all who showed up this week for Editorials' hour. Even with my connection vanishing for half the event, it still turned out pretty good. Always nice to see.


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