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Fly Honey January 30, 2006

Editor's Comments: With aesthetically appealing pretty boys in games like Suikoden, it is no wonder why fangirls seem to be joining the ranks of gamers. Erica joins us to discuss her own fangirlism and to isolate the "Squee" in "Squeenix."

Editor's Comments: The way a product is presented is the determining factor in sales. The lesser product with the more appealing wrapping will likely catch your eye before the better one with poor wrapping. John shares his views on the wrapping of games.

Editor's Comments: Music in games has come a long way from the days of NES to present day. Many songs in recent Final Fantasies have had vocals added to them to give the game a more modern feel. Josh analyzes the new vocal trend.

Editor's Comments: There comes a point in a game where the drive just stops and the urge to play completely vanishes. For Michael, this happens at the 75% mark in MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI.

Editor's Words

Animal crackers do not make a good lunch...

So as I sit here working on the column, the kitchen is being torn apart downstairs. As a result, I am resorting to animal crackers and potato chips to keep my stomach full for the day. I think all I've accomplished is a stomach ache, though. Oh well.

This week, reader Erica Kudisch joins us to share her fangirlism over aesthetically appealing pretty boys in games. Also joining us is John Guffey with his views on game packaging. Josh Martz discusses game music and how vocals affect recent games. Finally, Michael Cunningham shares what happens when he reaches the 75% mark in MMORPGs.

Karlinn mentioned this a few weeks ago and I think it is time to repeat it. Please, for the sake of my sanity, submit your editorials as plain text or HTML using the template. Submitting them in the body of an email will no longer be accepted, as stated in the updated policy. As I've noticed that email clients have a nasty habit of putting text files in the body of emails, I ask that all attachments sent to me are in ZIP or RAR format. Thank you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find something more satisfying than animal crackers...


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