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Through the Ice and Frost January 28, 2008
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What the Hell? Sean Kepper

Editorial Excerpt: "Don't you just love the moments in games that make your jaw drop?"

Finished? But are You Really? Sarah Williams

Editorial Excerpt: " many RPGs have players fully completed, including the side quests, item collection, optional dungeons and bosses, and (if it applies) character gathering?"

From the Editor's Desk

Two editorials approach. Command?

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If you are still around, I would like for you to welcome Q&A Host Sean Kepper into the editorials section as he brings us his first of (hopefully) many more. He discusses mind-boggling design decisions in RPGs. Sarah also joins us again with a discussion that I'm sure all completionists can identify with. Please, come in and read these while they are fresh.

Thanks again for all of the submissions that I've been receiving. I was posting things in order they were received, but I'm just going to make a column to column judgment on how they will fit together. So please don't be upset if your editorial does not get posted right away. We will be sticking with only two editorials per column for now. For one, I don't want to play my entire hand only to have people only read and comment on a couple of the editorials. Everyone wants their work to get some time to shine, so it will be only two for now. I encourage everyone to discuss their thoughts on every editorial that gets posted. This could mean having to come in and discuss your own, but I highly recommend that as well. If you have nothing to say about your own work, can you blame others for not discussing it?

I want to take a quick second to explain something. All of the discussion about quality control does not mean that anyone will be rejected. It just means that we will be holding each other to a highly standard. We don't want you to look like a fool, do we? It does not take too long to use a quick spell check function on your editorial, so just follow these guidelines and you should be fine. That's all for now, so enjoy the submissions and please feel free to send in your own editorials. Thanks again and see you next week.

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