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The Editorials Have Been Kidnapped By Ninjas January 24, 2005

Editor's Comments:It is not often that I find myself out reasoned. Not a simple statement of arrogance, but fact. Heath's done it here. Whether attributable to research or greater familiarity, it does not matter. This is an excellent read.

Editor's Comments: An old fashioned gamer gives a tribute to an old fashioned hero.

Editor's Comments: It involves magic. And wizards. And something about fireballs. Greg today attempts to explain how magic is critical to gaming.

Editor's Comments: Matthew Russo makes his first contribution to the section, a pondering over Nick's recent review of Chain of Memories that gets the doublefold bonus of forcing me to change it to a staff editorial as Matt was hired this week for Sound Test. Congratulations Matt.

Editor's Words

Well, school has begun. As such, things are going to shift about slightly here. I'll either be updating late sunday or late monday, since I'm pretty much gone the entire day of monday with work. Sorry, folks. In the ongoing plans to bring the editorials section up to date, I've rewritten the Editorial Submission Guidelines to fit what we're currently using in house. In general, they're not very hard. I'll be working on the FAQ soon, so hopefully that'll cover everything one would ever want to know about Editorials. Editorial's Night is being held, on schedule again, this coming Wednesday evening, 9 pm EST, 1/26/05. I hope I'll see you all there.

Our current backlog, for those curious, is two editorials. So anything that gets written this week has a very high chance of going right up. It'll also protect against an all staff editorial update. I had more here but my mind it travels like a butterfly leaping from flower to flower and is easily distracted.


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