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Super High Tension January 23, 2006

Editor's Comments: This game brings some rather interesting questions with it when it comes to mind. New editorialist, Henry Phan, shares his ideas on the answers to these questions as he revisits Final Fantasy VIII.

Editor's Comments: It's not quite a rebuttal, it's a semi-rebuttal! Who care's what others think when you trade in an RPG? Tyler returns with his thoughts on trading in these games compared to other genres.

Editor's Comments: Let's face it. The SaGa games' reputation was ruined by Unlimited SaGa. Josh Martz, the newest editorialist, joins us with a comparison of Unlimited SaGa and Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song and the stateside market of these games.

Editor's Comments: This editorial wins the word of the week award as the demo topic is brought up again with a fresh opinion. New staffer, Matt, offers up a rebuttal while responding to the curious. Is it even possible to take Final Fantasy XI out of the equation?

Editor's Words

And you thought the hires were finished...

Josh Martz joins the editorials crew this week to make a complete set of four. On behalf of Michael, Henry, Daniel and myself, welcome to the team! And with him comes the return of a full set of editorials this week. I would also like to mention I am pleased with the success of the new message board system. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the change.

This week we revisit Final Fantasy VIII as Henry shares his adventures through the game and questions that arose while playing as well as some possible answers. Tyler Willis joins us with his own opinion on trade ins with a semi-rebuttal to "Trade Ins: A Blessing in Disguise, or Devilish?". Josh analyzes the downfall of Unlimited SaGa and how it affected Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song stateside. Finally, Matt goes back to the infamous demo topic with a rebuttal to "A Response to the Curious" as he makes an attempt to take Final Fantasy XI out of the equation.

Also, since I didn't know what juxtaposition was, I just had to look it up along with other silly spelling words I had to look up for a homework assignment last week. Yes, I have to take spelling tests again. In college no less! But I digress. Paraphrased from Wiki: Juxtaposition - is the act of placing two things close together side by side to show the similarities or differences of the two.

Enjoy the editorials while I wander off and do that spelling homework now.


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