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Editorials at Thirty Thousand Feet January 17, 2005

Editor's Comments:Today we get an excellent article from Bart Putz, a longtime follower of the section, contesting the recent movement towards protecting the player from himself.

Editor's Comments: Ben steps out of the shadows, bringing us an interesting article considering the real challanges behind an antihero and going in depth over the plot considerations they represent, arguing against last week's editorial by Brian Cowan.

Rebutting Antihero Versus Hero

Editor's Comments: Another newcomer to the editorials section, Matt starts out with a strong article reminiscing on his feeling at the end of the recent Knights of the Old Republic II.

Editor's Comments: Our new staff writer, Chris Snyder, enters the stage tackling the difficult issue of how designers may push away from the paradigm of gameplay hours trumping all in the eyes of the players.

Editor's Words

Boy has it been a lively week. A full house in Editorials hour this week churned out a bunch of excellent editorials. Plenty of folks sent in, more than I can post this week, but that's a good thing. This week's column is being compiled, by the way, from thirty thousand feet up, currently over Boston at the moment. I've got lots of news for you guys this week on top of a good set of editorials. All of it good important stuff too. Let's see, first up, I'd like to thank everyone who sent in applications for our recent hiring frenzy. We've got a full team now and hopefully this will help us continue serving you better. I'd like to introduce our newest staff writer joining the team, Chris Snyder. He's getting his first editorial up this week and he'll be a common occurence from here on out. A few words from the man himself:

How's it going RPGamers, I'm Snyder, one of the newest staff editorialists. I've been surfing for RPGamer for years, and I never thought I'd be able to get the chance to actually work with the team here. I love gaming, music, movies, other general nerdy stuff, and long walks on the beach. If you have some burning desire to know more about me, I've got a bio page up here at RPGamer, so you can check that out. For now, let's get on with the editorials!

It's good to have him aboard and I have high hopes for the whole team here. That'd be enough really for news for an update, but as may be guessed, we're not done yet. The archives have been updated through Today. Spot a hole? Tell me. I'm working on it, but it helps to know where archives were left undone in the past. I also have to give high kudos to my assistant editor Karlinn for pulling the long haul and counting every editorial ever. Thanks to his efforts, we now have a current list of every author and how many editorials that the author wrote. If we're missing one from you, email me and I'll try and fix it. Why is this important though? We'll, you may notice our new color scheme on the names courtesy of Roku of Points of View. This is our Author Recognition System Alpha version. I'll be working more on it in the coming weeks to keep it looking good. My basic thoughts regarding how it'll go are:

* Novice: 1 to 3 editorials
* Copper: 4 to 10 editorials
* Mythril: 11 to 20 editorials
* Gold: 21 to 35 editorials
* Platinum: 35+ editorials

I'm open for feedback regarding these and likely will be fiddling a bit to get a slightly better color scheme, but I think these will be an improvement. A way to recognize the authors who continue to contribute their time and energy to making this section the best editorials section it can be. You'll notice no one on the index would currently reach our Platinum rank. Challenge out to you guys there. Beat me to it.

And on that, while I still have plenty of ideas and intend to continue putting a good deal of energy into keeping this section growing, I'm also interested in hearing what you guys think about how the section has come and, more particularly, anything other editorials sections have that we don't. Do you read anywhere else? Do you spot a better editorials section in some paper or other website? Tell me where. I want this to be the best place for RPG Editorials in the internet and if there's somewhere else doing the job better than we're currently managing, I want to know about it so I can figure out how to do even better. Thanks to everyone who's been helping this column grow. I look forward to more excellent editorials out of all of you.

Final bit of news: Backlog is back. I admit, having four only a week risks having a backlog more often, but if we ever get too many, I'll move to twice a week updates for as long as we can manage. To those who sent in plenty of editorials this week, answering my call that the reserve was empty: Thank you. I appreciate your contributions to making this section thrive. To those curious on how Editorials is doing each week? I'm keeping a current health meter up in our irc chat that keeps a daily record of exactly how many editorials I have around in my inbox ready to go up.


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