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Divine Influence January 16, 2006

Editor's Comments: Trading in an old sports or shooter game to get the latest and greatest doesn't even faze people. Try to explain why you're going to trade in an RPG and they jump all over you. Paws offers her theory on why this happens.

Editor's Comments: Too many games these days offer up everything they have at once. You start a new game and within the first few hours you've already acquired all the playable characters. What happened to the old days when vital characters entered later in the game?

Editor's Comments: The demo topic is revisited to analyze the similarities between two battle systems. My curiosity is sated as differences are pointed out and a new question arises. See what Mac has to say in response to my curiosity.

Editor's Words

And so it begins...

As the title suggests, I have already worked my influence into the column. A few changes have taken place that I think everyone will enjoy. You might have already noticed the lack of a board link in the center of this column, right? Well, that's because each editorial now has its own thread! There is a link to each thread in the sidebar of this column as well as at the end of each editorial. Which brings me to my next topic. The template for editorials has been updated to reflect these changes, so please update your own templates.

To go along with my inheritance of editorials, I also acquired some new editorialists throughout the week. You have already met Daniel Hill; Michael Cunningham joins us with two editorials this week and you will have the chance to meet Henry Phan in the next column. Please welcome them as they continue to bring you editorial goodness.

Paws offers up her thoughts on why trading in RPGs is considered taboo to some people while rushing to get rid of a sports game for the latest and greatest isn't such a big deal. I am guilty of trading in RPGs myself, and never really thought much of it. Michael shares his opinion on a certain question I proposed to sate my curiosity with one editorial and relates acquiring characters in games to opening presents in another.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to sit in my corner and munch on these cupcakes that were mysteriously left behind.


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