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Extra, Extra, Read All About It January 10, 2005

Antihero Versus Hero

  by Brian Cowan
Editor's Comments: Brian makes his open appearance on Editorials, bringing us a brief discussion on why we should have more anti-heroes in games.

What is in a Level?

  by Philip Bloom
Editor's Comments: Hear ye, Hear ye! To those who seek to change the future, know thy past! History awaits thee within!

Design it!

  by Philip Bloom
Editor's Comments: Dungeon Loading, Dungeon Loading, Don't you wish they put some more thought into these things? Here I demand the extra effort of design in dungeons and analyze what it adds and detracts from a game.

Start the Game

  by Philip Bloom
Editor's Comments: Tired of having to sit through an hour of crap to enjoy your game? I am too. Listen well ye developers! You've got only one chance.

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Editor's Words

Greetings! First real update of the new year and a new spiffy format to go with it. Hats off to tuinte for the design and to Cain for the overall site work. It's been a pretty quiet front on Editorials, with not many new ones coming in. Hiring is still going on and starting to come to a close, so if you're sitting on an application, it'd be a good time to send it in. Additionally, we're having Editorials Night again, so come on in and see as at #edscorner, this Wednesday, 9 PM EST. Bring a friend. Bring a sense of humor. Bring your own beer.

Anyhow, Editorials, past, present, future, and all that. Where are we going? I'm likely moving back to four a week. Why? Because it looks better in this format for one. For another, I'm not exactly swimming in new editorials to post. Want to go back up to five a week? Bury me in Editorials. I'll love it. Anyhow, new year's resolutions time, isn't it? The time where folks lay out how they are going to better themselves over the next year? Editorials has grown a bit since I've taken it. Mostly on the staff side and I think we're doing a better job keeping stuff looking as nice as possible when it goes up. We don't plan to stop here though. I want to get an archive up that organizes by people, so folks can find lots of articles by a given author if they like their writing. I want to rewrite the various subparts of this page, help make it clearer and clean up the resources for this section. I even have this vague idea out there gestating on how, now that I'm starting to have a staff to work with, we can create some much better stuff for you guys to read. That'd be nice. Anyhow, that's about the limit of what's on my mind for the section. If we get that much done, I'd be satisified for the year. Any nice new year thoughts from you guys? Forum's open for them. I'll see you all next week.


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