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This update is silly! January 9, 2006

Editor's Comments:A question of sorts, in regards to a certain editorial about a certain demo - and the happy fun times that followed. Angel asks just how one thing is like the other, and I'm reasonably sure the question is not rhetorical.

Editor's Comments:Sometimes, the reason we play games boils down to "because life's kinda rough sometimes." Of course, life's far from peachy in Typical RPG World #17, what with the monsters and the impending cataclysims and all the attractive women fighting over the hero, but what can you do?

Editor's Comments:Personal resolutions, subtle suggestions, or covert advertisements for the Communist Party of Zanzibar? Angel offers us six resolutions on how she intents to maintain her gaming habits throughout the new year.

Editor's Words

I'm advertising the silliness!

The good Daniel Hill offers us his take on RPGs and the precious escapism they provide, and Angel slings a double-shot: one on a topic you may recognize (her earlier demo ed) and one on another topic you may recognize (New Years resolutions, yo.) As an aside, congratulations to Mr. Hill on joining our esteemed, stylish editorials crew! Other applicants have been selected for consideration, and we will notify you as soon as possible if you, too, have been hired. That's right, ladies and gentlemen: editorials will once again have a full crew, and be all the better for it.

Which, I'm afraid, brings me to a piece of more serious business. Effective next week, I'll be stepping down as Curator of Editorials and turning the title over to Angel. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being my upcoming need to seek employment for monies, I've decided that I simply don't wish to run the section anymore. Fortunately, I will not be leaving the section empty-handed. For the first time in months, we have a small but sizable backlog of editorials at the ready. Furthermore, Angel's one of the hardest-working editorialists we've ever had, and I feel confident the section will thrive under her soon-to-be oppressive regime of tyranny and cupcakes.

I've had a lot of fun here, folks, even amidst the work and the headaches and the confusion and the god-knows-what-else. I know we've had our differences, you and I, but I've always looked at the job as something I enjoyed doing, despite it all. I'm gonna miss it here, and I'm gonna miss working with you fine people. I still intend to lurk around the forums and IRC channels - in between my usual tail-centric pursuits, both literal and metaphorical - so you're not rid of me completely. With that said, be nice, stay young, eat all your school, get eight hours of drugs, and get work!

Now, if you'll excuse me, my ride is here. Signing off, y'all ^^


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