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In the year 2000! January 2, 2006

Editor's Comments:A tale of subjectivity, and its role in assigning arbitrary numbers to a game in time for an update, so as not to disappoint the people who are going to take you seriously until you give a score they don't like. The Master Chief tells us where personal tilt comes in for the magical world of reviews.

Editor's Comments:Sometimes, the divide between PC RPGs and console RPGs could not be filled, even by the greatest of the hole's natural enemies: the pile. Daniel Hill takes us for a spin around the differences between the two, and why they both need sweet, sweet lovin'.

Editor's Comments:So you wanna be a hero, huh? Hey, speak up, brother, I can't hear you! Oh, great, you're one of them silent heroes, aren't you? *sigh* Fine, here's your sword and shield, blue-haired healer chick's in the back, villain's just down the street. NEXT! The Chief returns to tell us about barriers to hero identification.

Editor's Words

A Happy New Year to you, dearest of all my friends. Please give me my gun back, one bullet at a time.

Mr. Hill comes at us describing the great gap between PC and console roleplaying games, and the good things both bring to the table. Me, I loves 'em both, although I fear the age of the former has come to a close - but I digress. Master Chief hits us with a double-whammy, both rebuttals. First one's to my piece on reviews, saying just when and where a reviewer's opinion comes into play for the overall score. Second one's on Mr. Hill's piece last week, about silent heroes and other hinderances to truly identifying with the protagonist.

So, a new year is upon us. 2006. Y2K+VI. Y'know, you get to a certain point in your career as an emergency volunteer editorials curator, and you start asking certain questions. Questions like: "What can I do now? Should I be doing something important? Will I last long enough to hit Gold, or will my secret magic marker fumes addiction lead me down the path of ruin first?" I do not have the answers to these questions. Fortunately, I've never had the answer to any question of any importance at all for a while, so this is nothing new. The moral of the story is, real men listen to .oggs.

One final note: We are accepting submissions for our new Editorialist position. Interested in joining me, Angel, Snyder and the rest of the crew? No? Well, make way for someone who is! Click here for details!

I bid you all farewell for now, until next week. Remember what happens... in the year 2000!


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