(Caution: Obsenity) Is it an Editorial, a Poem, or a Song? None of the Above! Thatís My Word

by Mitchell Gyde

(Note to the few people who actually want to read the uncensored version of this editorial: Send me a line and specify which editorial.
I can give you a wordpad attachment, an HTML attachment, or in the body of email.)

Part 1 - Violence & Hate
Why do you tell me it’s ok to commit violence?
Why do you think it makes sense?
I’m gettin’ fed up with this shit.
"You’re the evil one just because of the words you spit!"
Well, what about time that guy got hit
in the face with the butt of your gun
before you clicked off the safety to blast him one?
Was it ok because you thought it was fun?
Oh wait, it was ok because your buddy pointed at him and yelled, "Fag!"
So you hurt him until his every limb sank like one big bag.
You can invent a time machine with just your finger and lips.
You just gotta switch the word "fag" with "witch,"
"jew," "nigger," "indian," or "communist."
That’s how you move from era to era
so you can discover a few things here and there
that are always repeating. Namely: ignorance, death, and mindless rage.
That’s yet another note you ripped from a page
in "The Complete Idiots Guide to Being a Fascist Dictator."
"Hey! Her skin’s a bit different so I’ll hate her!
I’ll rape her and snatch her purse
then I’ll tell you that your words
are the worst kind of evil."
Just because I say we gotta stop hating each other, people?
Well, to fuck with it!
You can call me a hypocrite
or say that’s it ironic
when I slip a pill into the gin and tonic
of the next guy who tries to tell me "ignorance is bliss."
That way, I simply can’t miss
when I pull out a loaded gun
because he’ll be too stoned to run.
Then I’ll say "You’re about to suffer the same fate
that you encouraged onto other people to this date.
You told people that it’s ok not to learn from history
and it’s ok to continue this senseless misery.
Fuck this gun!
I’ll use a knife to cut you a new one!
If you think that death, destruction, and suffering is fun,
you must be ignorant.
I’ll stomp your head to give it a dent!
Quit your bitching! I said shut it!
It doesn’t feel too blissful now, does it?"
That sounds crazy now, doesn’t it?
Question: What do YOU sound like when you say "Aids cures fags?"
Answer: You sound like someone who says "Breast cancer cures old hags"
or "Prostate cancer cures over-the-hill men."
Suppose you catch that disease, what then?
Are you gonna tell me that it’s ok ‘cause it’s the will of your god?
Yeah, that also excuses every time you mutilated someone’s bod’.
Can we not feel equal unless someone’s excluded?
"Hey! Is that a bone fragment that just protruded
from the bloody skin of my arm?"
It must be "righteous" to cause bodily harm
because you said so,
just before you said we all have free-will. "I said that? D’oh!"
The never-ending hate and violence makes me feel as sick as a turd.
I’m fed up you self-righteous assholes! That’s my word.
Part 2 - Parents with Egos
Hey, sport. Are you ready for school?
"Yeah." Hold on a second... "Let me guess: drugs aren’t cool."
No, I was wondering if you really thought I’d let you wear that shirt.
"It’s just rock group T-shirt.
I like this band. I don’t see how that can hurt."
Those guys are fags!
Their picture makes the shirt worse than a dirty rag.
"Fags? ‘Cause they weren’t in the marines like you?"
Don’t talk back! You’ll know better when I through!
"The only clothes you don’t consider queer is combat camouflage.
I don’t want to look like those pictures in the garage...
Ow! Oh, no, don’t... ...please...
There’s no reason to hit me."
You gotta toughen up.
I’d rather have you die than disappoint me, so shut up!
"No, please. I’m your son!" Don’t you dare start to drone!
I don’t want a son, I want a clone!
It may hurt now, but it’s for your own good.
I can’t believe I ever bought you food.
You don’t have the balls to serve your country.
"I can earn my own money.
What’s wrong with going a different way?"
What? So you can become a transvestite whore?
"Please, let me go out the door.
I won’t sell my body if I were to become poor.
Please stop hurting me. I can’t take any more."
It’s for your own good that I won’t let you go.
"No, it’s for the good of your ego!
It may have been the right thing in your life,
but not for me!" Son, put down the knife.
Ahhh! "Shut up! This is for ever time I was hurt,
just because you were mad at something, and wanted to make me feel like dirt.
You tell me that I have to serve the few people with a loud voice,
but this country is supposed to be about freedom of choice.
I want to be who I want. It’s not a bad thing to be a nerd.
I want to go my own way. That’s my word.
Part 3 - Censorship
I’m sick of people telling me that my mouth is like a toilet.
"It is. It’s so dirty that we have to boil it
just to clean it out."
No, I have my doubts
about the whole concept of bad words that you preach about.
Why is it ok to say poo but not shit?
Why is it not ok to call someone an asshole instead of an idiot?
Why is that we have to sugar coat it
instead of just saying fuck?
I live in the most censored "free-nation" on Earth. Isn’t that just my luck.
Mommy, Daddy, what are bad words?
"They’re words you shouldn’t hear. That bad habit is for the birds."
Why? "Because those words are dirty."
Why? "Maybe you should wait to hear why until you’re thirty."
Why? "Because there’s just no need for it."
Why? "Those words are filthier than a pit."
Why? "Because it’s immoral."
Why? "Your grandparents told us that until we were twenty years old."
Why? "Because you’ll be punished if you say them."
Why? "You’re mind is as pure as a gem.
You shouldn’t taint it." Why?
"I think I accidently left a pie
on the window." Why?
"Because I’ll punish you if you don’t quit asking why."
Does that sound familiar?
It’s how religious fundamentalists came to exist here.
"Shit! You made me drop my beer.
You offended me by attacking my beliefs.
Are you smoking hash or reef?"
It’s ok for you to make jokes about other people
yet it’s bad to throw shit on a painting of egg a steeple?
Fuck you self-righteous dildos!
Quit looking for a virus on Lycos
to send to me just for exercising my right
to say what’s on my mind. Do you really want to fight?
Do you want to oppress me just like you torched people in medieval Europe?
After that, would you put my ashes in a plastic cup?
I’ll never agree with you, won’t you just let me be?
"No. Your way of life is wrong. Can’t you see
that it says in the holy bible that the unwed can’t be lovers?"
I don’t give a shit what that book says, you dumb fuckers!
"It is the truth. That’s what you should be seeking."
If you’re telling the truth, why do you try to stop me from speaking?
Are you afraid that I’ll point out an undeniable fact that contradicts your faith
if I’m given half a chance? "No, my beliefs are safe
because I believe blindly that you must be the devil."
You’re so brainwashed that I can’t possibly argue on any level.
You tried to have something banned again. That’s the third
time today you forgot that you don’t live in the Vatican. That’s my word.
(Disclaimer: This is the standard disclaimer. I only included it because some people look for any excuse to make a frivolous lawsuit to any easy target. These are slightly abstracted presentations of my opinions. I just want to get people to question everything we’ve been led to believe our lives. If that’s a crime, then fuck you too.)