Editorial Archive for Oct. - Dec. 1999

Dec. 14, 1999 - A Time to Retire Jeff Davis
 The sad state of video games in the public eye Aaron Ramsey
 Where We've Been, and Why We Are the Way We Are PC
 City States NemoFebes
 Shameless Plug on FF series Natsuki-Becca
 Final Fantasy, The Good and Bad of Change Michael Duran
 Square over time Whitey
 Why Rpgs are so fun Matthew Mao
 Opinions on FFs Beedrill51
 Fighting Daniel Lopez
 The True Religious Implications of Xenogears Joshua Maciel
 Why doesn't Square make SEQUELS? Patrick George
 Why the media destroyed RPG's and will soon destroy all videogames pincode
  The Future of The Console Market Daniel Kaszor
 Enough already! Al Solomon
 FF8-A Wonderful Treasure Hunt Gabe Putnam
 Rebuttle to: Final Fantasy 8 story...Houston, weve got a problem... Anthony Brunoe
 Rebuttle to: Final Fantasy 8 story...Houston, weve got a problem! John Pierceton
 Reply to Julia Simpson's Editorial on FFA Omega
 Someone Finally Gets It Ben Breier
 The Price of Knee-Jerk Recations or "Get your damn facts straight!" Graeystone
 Rebuttal to "PS2 will beat DC" Valirion
Nov. 24, 1999 - Time to talk Turkey Jeff Davis
 PC vs PSX RPG Tom Stachowitz
 Repetitiveness in RPGs Beowulf
 Stop Complaining EA
 So ya Don' Like dem Squaresoft Games? Arcana
 Change Bary Dancer
 Innocence and Responsibility in Suikoden II Geoffrey Moses
 Individuality Megane
 The key to the decline in Final Fantasy -- Magic?? RavynBlac
 Why FF7 & 8 ... are FF games! Nick Powell
 The Impact of a flower girl AnonymousGamer
 Have We Forgotten Where RPGs Came From? John Miaso
 Final Fantasy Anthology - The TRUTH! Julia Simpson
 Linearly Squared Barret
 Final Fantasy ain't gettin' worse Harry Carey
 Oh where, Oh where has Square gone? Max McGlocklin
 Why Final Fantasy 8 is Better than Final Fantasy 7 Howard Kleinman
 Squall and Rinoa Aneni Soren
 FFV8 - That Memorable Part Misery Guts
 Final Fantasy 8 story...Houston, weve got a problem... Lisa Kerbes
 Squall who? Freshmeat
 Rebuttal: Console War Trials Bohdan Kanicki
 Console Wars Crimson Rogue
 The Final Fantasy Bandwagon Anthony Brunoe
 To each his own Emperor M
 Comments on "Roles of Final Fantasy Women" Ashryn
 Rebuttal to "Square Getting a Big Head" Daniel Lopez
Oct. 25, 1999 - Opinions-A-Plenty Jeff Davis
 The progression to more "Mature" RPGs Timothy G. Maus
 Final Fantasy Quality Adam vS
 To Change or not to Change: introducing fresh ideas into Final Fantasy Joseph Fernandez
 The "Decline" of Editorials Fred O'Grady
 Blurring the Edges? Evan Mandel
 The "Sell-out" Mentality Rufus Moe
 The Decline of RPGs Clint McKibben
 Square Getting A Big Head Adam J. Nolin
 FMV Ruining Final Fantasy Michael V. Colianna
 A Perspective on Squaresoft Dan Noel Jr.
 FF8 is GREAT but overstereotyped! John Pierceton
 Opinion Piece: For Sale: One broken copy of FF8 Shanoyu
 Short Defense of the PS2 Kris Wolfe
 Console War Trials John Maguire
 The System Wars for the 21st Century! Sea Monkey
 PS2 willl beat DC Sue
 Rebuttal: The Roles of Women Drome McKauliff
 Another Rebuttal Dr. Mal
 Rebuttal to "The Roles of Final Fantasy Women" James Krysiak
 Response to Emperor M Ben
 Some thoughts on "Square's Trends (FF and other games) and the Effects on Society (?)" Pincode
 A direct rebuttle to Jon Al Solomon
 A Rebuttal to "Sci-Fi Elements in Final Fantasy" Kelly St.Clair

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