Editorial Archive for Oct. - Dec. 1998

Dec. 19, 1998
 A Poor Standard Richard Dore
 The Importance of the Individual Matt Blackie
 Was I playing Star Wars? Jamal Pliska
 The Evils of Coverage Matt Blackie
 In Response To 'A Planet Unveiled' Tony Patino
Dec. 3, 1998
 The Planet Unveiled Matt Blackie
 RPGs... the Real Reason We Play Them JD Cyr
 RPG Evolution: Right vs. Left Brain Michael Greenhut
 In Defense of Final Fantasy VI Tucker Hoog
 Games Within RPGs - Do They Belong? Mike Huang
 The Magic of Hyrule Tomm Hulett
 The Need for Linearity in RPGs Chocobo 13
 A Trend in RPGs Joe Pawlikowski
 Why Final Fantasy Should Not End Jesse Sweetland
 A Rebuttal to "End Final Fantasy" Alex Weitzman
 "Borderline" RPGs Alex Weitzman
 PC Games Aren't Given the Credit Due Them Kris Wolfe
 What are Role Playing Players Coming To? M. Woods
Oct. 26, 1998
 Villains vs. Final Bosses Philip Barbier
 Look in the Mirror, My Friend... G. Carr
 The Problem With Final Fantasy VI Sean Daugherty
 End Final Fantasy Jesse Goonsantiviboon
 A Rebuttal Against the Guidelines RPGs Should Follow Shingo Horishiga
 For the Side of Good... or Evil? Kylen Marx
 To Bite a Hand Knight Michaels
 A Retort to Guidelines RPGs Should Follow Tony Patino
 The Closure of a Game is Most Certainly not the End Donnie Santos
 Becoming Appalled vs. Taking it in Stride Jeffrey D. Zimmerman
Oct. 9, 1998
 Death of the Opinion Matt Blackie
 Guidelines RPGs Should Follow Justin Brown
 Defending Ambiguous Plots Shawn Bruckner
 Name the #1 Contributing Factor to a Video Game's Success Andrew Coutermarsh
 The Company Label Richard Dore
 A Pre-Empted Defense of Parasite Eve Mike Drucker
 Character Development as a Main Priority Daniel Hamamura
 An Attack On Square: As A Company And A Creative Enterprise Mike Lenzo
 Why do we play RPG's? For the story. Kain O'Donnell
 Drowning in a Daydream: Can Fantasy Become Reality? Donnie Santos
 FFT2: Improving the Class Change System and other Aspects Justin Speer
 What are Role Playing Games Coming To? Jesse Sweetland

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