Editorial Archive for Oct. - Dec. 1997

Dec. 24, 1997
 Is Square Music Worthy of U.S. Mainstream Release? Joseph Rodriguez
 Mature Content in cRPGs Martin Haller
 Censorship in the Translation of FF7 Adrian Gudas
 Console RPGs vs CRPGs Douglas Hall
 The Difficuly Factor: How Difficult Do You Want It? Shawn Bruckner
 An Attack on the Ending of Final Fantasy VII Mike Lenzo
Oct. 29, 1997
 The Diffculty Factor: How Hard is Hard Enough? Don Wang
Oct. 27, 1997
 Are Linear Stories Bad? Shawn Bruckner
Oct. 22, 1997
 Final Fantasy VII: Triumph of the Individual Don Wang
Oct. 19, 1997
 A Defense of Final Fantasy VII's Ending Shawn Conn, et al

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