Editorial Archive for October - December 2004

December 27, 2004 - The Seven Days of Editorials Philip Bloom
 The Act of Deicide! Drew Robarge
 Narration: The Technique That Voice Acting Gave Drew Robarge
 What I Want to See in a(n) RPG Part 3 Gregg Campbell
 Life Improvement: Role-Playing Games Influencing Every Aspect of Life Danny J Sarelas
 The Foe Who Stole My Heart Stuart Hoggan
December 20, 2004 - Enter the Editorials Philip Bloom
 Love at First Play: An Opposing Viewpoint to Remake or Repackage Drew Robarge
 Expectations Diana Scott
 Get Over Your RPG Xenophobia And Play Xenosaga Today! Fuyuko Soraya
 True Nonlinear Gaming Gabriel Ang
 The Foe Who Stole My Heart Stuart Hoggan
December 13, 2004 - One Way System Philip Bloom
 Leveling Up - The Great Equalizer Andrew Hagen
 Tifa's Bra-straps Philip Bloom
 So I've had time (and a sister) to help me thinks things over... Stuart Hoggan
 A Generic Dragon Quest Quote approaches. Command? Seán Peters
December 06, 2004 - In Mother Russia, The Editorial Writes You! Philip Bloom
 If God Didn't Exist, Why Do We Have to Create Him? John Boske
 Why Dot-Hack Should've Failed: Polymorphic Content Philip Bloom
 Sound... Peter Duckhouse
 ...and Vision Peter Duckhouse
 Leave The RPG's Alone! Stuart Hoggan
November 29, 2004 - A Carnival of Soul! Philip Bloom
 Remake or Repackage? Diana Scott
 Fan Heart: Why We Love Fan Art Nick "kweee" Ferris
 The Sound of Battle Siddarta Jairam
 Everyone to Their Own Stuart Hoggan
 Blackmailing is my Friend: A Guide to Overdone Scenarios Steve Przestrzelski
November 22, 2004 - A Party Brewing Philip Bloom
 The Things I Write and Write For John Boske
 Suffering for Greatness John Boske
 Give It a Breathalyzer, It Will Pass: Alcoholism in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Drew Robarge
 RPGamer Editorial History: Volume III: January to March 1998 Drew Robarge
 Playing Second Fiddle Dustin Windes
November 14, 2004 - Turn And Face The Slow Philip Bloom
 Mind Blowing Triangle Siddarta Jairam
 Designers Versus Developers Philip Bloom
November 8, 2004 - The Calm After The Storm Philip Bloom
 A Rebuttal to Make Story With Me Whren
November 2, 2004 - A Big Fat Goodbye Joseph Witham
 Who We Fight For Gabriel Ang
 A Final Word Philip Bloom
 Addiction: The Tamed Snake Philip Bloom
 Battle Rocks Philip Bloom
 Seven Years Ago Philip Bloom
 Some Game Vocabulary Philip Bloom
 Songs Lost in Translation Philip Bloom
 Give Thanks to The Hand of the Creator Philip Bloom
 The Adventure, the Memories, the Legend of Zelda Lord of Shadows
 The Magic, the Wonder, the Future of Zelda Lord of Shadows
October 25, 2004 - Second to Last Joseph Witham
 The Sounds of Silence Gabriel Ang
October 12, 2004 - Keeper of Time Joseph Witham
 The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same Philip Bloom
 Where Have All the Warp Spells Gone? Philip Bloom
 Capitalism and RPGs: Currency Over Quality psychosis_one
October 4, 2004 - Limited Time Joseph Witham
 Rebuttal to Xbox.. The Next RPG System? Doug Hill

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