Editorial Archive for July - Sept. 1999

Sept. 26, 1999 - Editorials become Perspectives Jeff Davis
 The "Decline" of RPGs Ryan Mays
 Sci-Fi Elements in Final Fantasy Jacob Holloway
 Character Roles vs. Character Customizability Howard Kleinman
 Square's Trends (FF and other games) and the Effects on Society Emperor M
 FF8 second to FF7 Mike Harnest
 Let's Commence the FF8 Bashing! (Or, how to enjoy bad games) Shane Turner
 Dreamcast will beat out PS2 Jon
 Dolphin/PSX 2/Dreamcast Zero Mag
 Who Will Win The Console Wars Ben Jer
 Dolphin/PSX 2/Dreamcast Carneyfolk
 Let them be Comfy OBKenobi1
 Rebuttal to the Roles of FF Women Joshua Maciel
Sept. 20, 1999 - JD is Back in the House - A different House Jeff Davis
Aug. 19, 1999 - Butt Kicking for Goodness! Brad Lohr
 Miming With a Mime EE
 About SD3 and Psx emulator Jean-Guillaume Paradis
 Thumbs up for emulation Robin Sevakis
 The Devils Advocate Torger Miltenberger
 Emulation: Good or Bad Vicks Eddington
 Emulation is a Great Idea Brad Carsten
 The Roles of Final Fantasy Women Meagan Ehrhardt
 Saveaholics and Levelites: Are YOU One of Them? Bill Johnson
 Pokémon is the Devil: In Depth Coverage Jacob Greenwald
 AD&D response 1 Peter Hofmann
 Pen & Paper RPGs Are Fantastic ... But Not As RPGs Zack Fornaca
Aug. 5, 1999 - Dead Monkey Storage Brad Lohr
 Rebuttal to AlexK Joshua Rodriguez
 Touched by a Roleplayer Jason Gallagher
 SD3 And Emulation Dan Duett
 Sequels Better Than Originals? For Games, Hopefully Always. Andrew Hagan
 RPG Sagas Revisited! Kris Wolfe
 Why we won't see many RPG Sagas Evan Mandel
 RPGamers Aren't ALL Nerds, Geeks, and Antisocial -- But I Am Jeff K.
 My Opinion Jesse Sweetland
 Pokémon shouldn't be dismissed as a childish game not worthy of being played Steven Murphy
July 29, 1999 - Bring out your dead! Brad Lohr
 A Direct Rebuttal to Ms. Snope Bill Johnson
 To Whom it May Concern, Jay Payne
 Untitled Discussion of Religion in RPGs Will Frank
 Some highly endearing comments from a previously unknown man about the foreseeable future of the online gaming market as a whole, and other such ponderous quandries. Alex Kimbel
 T'is better to have played an RPG than to have 'lived' Mattler Mao
 Lick your smackers, here come the crackers Mephistopheles
 Free Guys and Final Fantasy - A MUST HAVE! Brian Paeske
 RPGs and Next-Generation consoles. Chris Bolts
 Why Bashing Chrono Cross is very ignorant Elliott Campbell
 RPG Sagas Jim
 Sequels BETTER than the Originals? Josh Maciel
July 3, 1999 - Ru-fi-ooo! Brad Lohr
 ...But do our old favorites really hold up to such scrutiny? Thad "X" Boyd
 Why most games aren't as good as they used to be Art Freeman, Jr.
 Why Some PARTS of new Square RPGs aren't as good as old ones Andy Kraft
 "Why RPG's were going down the drain" Evan Coffey
 Why some people are more attached to the games of the old-school. Eddie Doyle
 Square has Moved On Emperor M
 New Developers Are the Answer Ben Dinehart
 Concerned Parent strikes out at RPGamer Gwendolyn Snope
 Factoring in 3rd Party Titles Adam Lisbon
 My opinion on Kendra-K's editorial Grey
 Daily Adversities for the RPGamer BenJer
 Re: RPGs in a High School Society Master Micro
 "Thoughts From a Girl Who Disagrees With Chase Davis' Opinions About RPGs in High School Society" Alaelia ("Laelee") Carter
 Response to Chase Davis' "RPGs in High School Society" Nate Greene
 Some more thoughts about game fanart Doug Ying
 Final Fantasy VII Revisited Matthew Weise

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