Editorial Archive for July - Sept. 1998

Sept. 11, 1998
 In Defense of Square G. Carr
 Laments from an Old-School Gamer Jesse Goonsantiviboon
 Stop the Complaints Anthony G. Willis
 Memory Cards Nathan Withrow
Sept. 4, 1998
 Why We Love Final Fantasy VII Michael Cooke
Why Dragon Quest VII will sell well in the U.S. J.T. Kauffman
 Gaming and Real Life Mike Lenzo
 Final Fantasy VIII Hype B. Nieds
 Defense of All Media Jesse Sweetland
Aug. 28, 1998
 Sephiroth's Role and the True Villain of FFVII Kyle Asay
 Hate Final Fantasy VII because of the Ending? You've Completely Forgotten... Kevin Leung
 Why Dragon Quest 7 Won't Sell Well Here Mike Dore
 Clearing up Confusion with Dragon Quest Richard Dore
 The Changing Face of the Plot Peter Harkins
Aug. 12, 1998
 Plot Does Matter Jeff Adashek
 All RPG Standards Are Subjective Shawn Bruckner
 Shallow Villians Are No Good: Stay In The Deep End G. Carr
 Who Needs Great Villains? Sean Daugherty
 Where's Ted? Matt Sergi
Aug. 7, 1998
 The Role of Villains in RPGs Fritz Fraundorf
 RPG Standards and Subjectivity Desmond Gaban
 "Reading" RPGs Without Taking Offense Carter Neal
 Gaming Grows Up Rob Reebel
 A Change in the Nature of the RPG Community Robert Szkotak
July 31, 1998
 Further Defense of Final Fantasy Tactics Alex Baker
 It's Your Own Fault: Whining About Religious Content Is Pointless Bryan Berg
 Come Out Swingin' for Mature Content G. Carr
 Catholic vs. Glabados Bill Johnson
 FFT: Can't We All Just Get Along? Paul Moore
July 23, 1998
 Why Final Fantasy Tactics Is So Offensive Jeff Adashek
 In Defense of My Offense Peter Beattie
 Do Not Blame the Industry, Blame the Parents Eric McCoy
 Mature Games Are Great, But Where Have All The Kiddie Games Gone? Roehl Sybing
 The Changing Face of the Import RPG: Is America Ready for More? Martin Haller
July 16, 1998
 Zeroing in on Controversy Shawn Bruckner
 Hooray for Mature Content G. Carr
 Morally Acceptable Games, or, How to Neuter a Narrative John Ford
 Mature Content Andy Kraft
 Why America(ns) need to Grow Up, Part I Gary King
 An Editorial Response to John Michel's Attack Thomas Lipschultz
 A Defense of Immorality Martin Haller
July 9, 1998
 Xenogears, FFT, and Religious Controversy Peter Beattie
 Influence is a Powerful Thing John Galbraith
 An Attack on "Mature" Subject Matter in Games John Michel
July 2, 1998
 Will Love Grow? Benjamin Avner
 Why Ambiguity is Desired in Role-Playing Ben Whiting

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