Editorial Archive for July - Sept. 2000

09.24.00 - Yes, I am a lost cluster! Rob Parton
 Emotional Labour Mistress Nightshadow
 About Editorials! The Blessed God of Death
 The Nature of the Uninformed Beast Justin Harwood
 Re: The Spirit of the RPG
Original Editorial :The Spirit of the RPG
Mark Gross
 The Epic Battle, and lack thereof Bendragon X
09.19.00 - Abort, Retry, Fail? Rob Parton
 Separating violence and reality, and the limits thereof Wisdom
 The Spirit of the RPG Mistress Nightshadow
 The Truth of the Editorial Mistress Nightshadow
 Frustration Factor: The Resolution Boomerang
    Original : Frustration Factor Mistress Nightshadow
 You can't go home! Misery Guts
09.03.00 - Something Old, Something New! Rob Parton
 Re: Frustration Factor  Lara Skld
 No Free Speech For You!  Alan Knight
 Rebuttal to 'Frustration Factor!'  Geoff Paulson
    Original : Frustration Factor  Mistress Nightshadow
 Parents Just Don't Understand  Wayne Frisbie
 Bleem!, Emulation, and Modern Man  Wisdom
 Emotional Labour  Mistress Nightshadow
 Some People Just Won't Understand... (A Parents and Gaming Story)  Raincrystal
08.26.00 - Getcha Ed-ukation! Rob Parton
 Final Fantasy, and the Hypocrisy of the Gamer  Wisdom
 Bleem! Sucks!  Benbola
 A Stand Against the Cold: The Practice of Evolution  Chris Maguire
 Grandmothers and Gaming  Greg Campbell
 The misunderstood child
 Frustration Factor  Mistress Nightshadow
08.19.00 - Turning the Page Rob Parton
In Defense of Those Hesitant to buy Chrono Cross Trav
Marginal Politics Mistress Nightshadow
Conspiracy Theory Mistress Nightshadow
Outside the American Markets Mistress Nightshadow
Rebuttal to "Response to FFVIII Critics" Andy Kraft
08.14.00 - I Just Flew In From New York... Jeff Hagadorn
Wash, Rinse, Repeat Mistress Nightshadow
Final Fantasy 8 - Editorial Archangel
Rebuttal to 'The Obscured Legend Of Mana' Derek Ivany
Censorship,Statistics,and American Values TheCarlinist
Rebuttal to "STOP YOUR WHINING" Geronimo
RPGs expanding videogame frontiers Matt Davidson
Rebuttal to "When RPGs sell out" Wisdom
No Storyline? Too Easy? Read This!!! Mark Gross
Rebuttal to Stop Your Whining, or, DiCaprio dies?!? Michael Pitcher
Why Enix Needs To Regain My Respect Howard Kleinman
Square's Last Chance Mattgamerr
Response to FFVII Critics The Weave
07.20.00 - BSoD, I Choose You! Joshua Maciel
Re: Opportunity Cost Don Frey
Remember when you were a child? Come back and join me. Doodle
On (Lack of?) RPG Difficulty Dayton A. Williams
Rebuttal to "PSX Is better! No, Dreamcast is! Dolphin owns!" ATP
Rebuttal to The Freelancers "Rebuttal to Re: See? Square Does Listen! by Shanoyu" Jake Wright
When RPGs Sell Out kidmigaru
Parents, Science and Video Games Matthew Furrow
The Obscured Legend of Mana Misery Guts
RPGs Mistress Nightshadow
Reply to Science Proves Games are Good, or Why the Dark Side ROCKS! Michael "Mushi mushi mushi!" Pitcher
The Console Skirmish: Decisive Tidings The Freelancer
Stop Your Whining TheRooster
"Hero's Journey" Ancient stories and current RPGs Xerdo Pwerko
07.09.00 - Alien Invasion, Eh? Rob Parton
Popful Mail (Or) Gaming Companies Need to Lighten Up! Cheryl
Invitation Rejected: Dont Hate Me Because Im Beautiful The Freelancer
Night's Theory of RPG Relativity Mistress Nightshadow
Opportunity Cost Or Why Replay Isn't So Important Martin Haller
Off course RPGs are easy Raincrystal
Rebuttal to "PSX Is better! No, Dreamcast is! Dolphin owns!" Xeros89
Rebuttal to Rebuttal to "PSX Is better! No, Dreamcast is! Dolphin owns!" Jeff Hagadorn
07.03.00 - Mysterious Stranger Joshua Maciel
PSX Is better! No, Dreamcast is! Dolphin owns! Gin'Irochi
Rebuttal to "Re: See? Square Does Listen!" by Shanoyu James "ChuckMan" Thorne
Rebuttal to "Re: See? Square Does Listen!" by Shanoyu The Freelancer
Will Smith said it--Parents just don't understand! Mr. Craktroop
Invitation Accepted: a further defense of Final Fantasy 8 Sidhe

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