Editorial Archive for April - June 1999

June 22, 1999 - Britney Spears vs. Natalie Portman Brad Lohr
 Why most new SquareSoft RPGs are not as good as the old ones Jean-Guillaume Paradis
 What's she Talking About? Colin Moriarty
 Untitled Kendra-K rebuttal Eddie Hatef
 There's something fishy about Mr. Gohan Justin Ho
 Some thoughts about game fanart Dee
 RPGs in High School Society Chase Davis
June 10, 1999 - It's a bird, It's a plane! Brad Lohr
 Which system is better? Kendra-K
May 7, 1999
 untitled Gohan rebuttal William A Rouse
 A Rebuttal to Stephen Gohan's Editorial (From a Female Gamer) Staci Marino
 Low Blows in Writing Pteryx
 Why Character Development is Perfectly Fine, Advances in Video Game Technology are Helpful, and Censorship is Unnecessary and Harmful MaryJo Wood
 Some interesting Points Michael Sy
 Some Thoughts from a Female Gamer Morboriel Parthenos
 Why RPGs Should NOT be Severely Censored and Devoid of Character Development Ken Wong
 In Response to "Why RPGs Should be Severely Censored." Jeffrey Zimmerman
 RPG's Have to Go Jeremy Buege
 In response to Stephen Gohan's Hyper Conservative Editorial Adam Lisbon
 Square's Greatest Achievement-Brave Fencer Musashi Art Freeman, Jr.
April 28, 1999
 Why RPGs Should be Severely Censored and Devoid of Character Development Stephen Gohan
 Why Editorials are Important Joshua Maciel
 Problems with Konami War-Simulation Elements in RPGs Jon Gibson
April 16, 1999
 What's in a Name? Robert Szkotak
 Rebuttal to Claims of Square's Betrayal Patrick Chipman
 There was a day... Joshua Maciel
 Did Romancing SaGa 3 have a chance? H. Clower
 A Possible Explanation of Final Fantasy VII's Ending Chocobo 13
April 9, 1999
 Criticism of FF8 Dean Chan
 A Report on Square's Betrayal and FF7 Mike Sheldon

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