Editorial Archive for April - June 2003

June 30, 2003 - Tango of Tears Joseph Witham
 Religion and Gaming Gabriel Putnam
 Setting as Character AimeeKae
 Caring: To Save a Soul Gabriel Ang
 Game Guides: A Necessary Evil? Temple Priestess
 Equal Fanservice? Laura Organa Solo
 Only You Can Help Prevent Stereotypes Mercury
June 23, 2003 - Salty Summer Kisses Cortney Stone
 A Virtual Life [Featured Reader] Theresa
 Rinoa is Not Ultimecia D. C. Brotherton
 It's a Man's World ZealPropht
 Rebuttal to: "Riddle of the Promised Land" Kenzie Pommier
 Game Pirates, and the Lost Continent IceEgg
 The World Map: The Last Piece to the FF Puzzle Bobby Skelton
June 16, 2003 - Wandering Flame Joseph Witham
 Numb to the Very Core Phillipe Richer
 Riddle of the Promised Land Peter Marcroft
 When Licensed Games Go Bad Gabriel Ang
 Gyarr. I Be a Pirate. Heath Hindman
 Stop Whining, Listen To The Facts Robust Stu
 War of the Sexes Aujang Abadi (Wisdom)
 Have: Emotion Barak Michener
 A Rebuttal to Wanted: Leading Ladies Hobbes Lionheart
 The Un-Distressed Damsels Jdot
 Found: Estrogen Strong Enough to Fit the Bill Luminare
June 9, 2003 - Under Martial Law Joseph Witham
 Wanted: Leading Ladies [Featured Reader] Temple Priestess
 Piracy and Morality: Why Ethics are Essential for Business Ian Spaulding
 "Good? Bad? Just give me my games" Dracos
 Game Reviews: It's Opinion, Not Fact!! Gabriel Ang
June 2, 2003 - My Road, My Journey Joseph Witham
 Piracy: No Longer Limited to the Open Seas or Men with Black Eye Patches [Featured Reader] Slapizaga the Bandit
 What's Wrong With "The World" Kris Schnee
 Is It Really That Bad? Nick Ferriola
 The Greater of Two Evils Rumikoholic
May 27, 2003 - Better Late Than Pregnant Cortney Stone
 Heroic Archetypes Gabriel Putnam
 Fleeting Memories Phillipe Richer
 The Foreboding Change in RPGs Dragon Flame
 Parents and Games: Blaming the Other Guy Gabriel Ang
 Freezing Single Point Spear D.K. aka Anarhist
May 19, 2003 - Inner Space Joseph Witham
 Uncensored Censorship: Translation vs. Localization Daniel Orner (Cidolfas)
 The Burning Double-Edged Sword Lunar Phoenix
 Deconstructing Luc: From Friend to Foe Gabriel Ang
May 12, 2003 - Under the Stars Joseph Witham
 The Ideal Size of a Party Gabriel Putnam
 Ramza's Personal Transformation Anthony Caudill
 Cliche Hero or Mentally Unbalanced Hero? You Decide Gabriel Ang
May 5, 2003 - Succession of Witches Joseph Witham
 Behind The Mastermind [Featured Reader] Demovere Xeno
 On Fan Service, Creativity, and Money in the Game Industry Gabriel Putnam
 Final Fantasy X: Overly Zealous? The Pezman
 Not by The Square On My Chinny Chin Chin Andrew Spaulding (cleverbeans)
 Double Standard Still a Two-Way Street Chris Bailey
 How to Write Reviews for RPGamer Michael Beckett
 Rebuttal to Max Murphy’s The JENOVA Reunion Logan Rebholz
April 28, 2003 - World Without End Cortney Stone
 A Broader Definition Matthew Scribner
 The True Antagonist of Final Fantasy VII Tom Bennett
 Battling the Double Standard Cortney Stone
 Themes in Final Fantasy 7 and 8 Ben Ford
 The Power of Knowledge J. dela Paz
 The JENOVA Reunion Max Murphy
April 21, 2003 - Through the Ages Joseph Witham
 The Strife Manifesto [Featured Reader] Aujang Abadi (Wisdom)
 Abstraction in The Wind Waker Joseph Witham
 Rebuttal to "Final Fantasy XI – The Anti-Final Fantasy" Daniel Orner (Cidolfas)
 When RPGs Came of Age Martin Haller
 The Ever-Annoying Player Character Death Rumikoholic
April 14, 2003 - Goodness Gaming Gracious Joseph Witham
 Massively Multiplayer Metamorphosis Doug Hill
 Xenosaga’s “Game” Formula Heath Hindman
 Final Fantasy XI – The Anti-Final Fantasy Mac Cunningham
 Rebuttal to: A Matter of Language Rumikoholic
April 7, 2003 - Fainaru Fantajii Joseph Witham
 Matter of Language Matthew Scribner
 Rebuttal to "The Difference Between Cloud and Squall" Cloudslash
 Why Final Fantasy X-2 May Be the First Final Fantasy I Don't Buy Howard Kleinman

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