Editorial Archive for April - June 2000

June 26, 2000 - Moo Dame Joshua Maciel
 The Flaw of Final Fantasy VIII Brett Smith
 A defense of Suikoden 2 Cheryl Lachowicz
 The Religious (and Social) Importance of Terranigma Danel
 Why do we play RPGs? David Sanders
 FF Anthology: Proof of Square's Dark Side Asmodean Es
 Parents Don't Understand / Science Proves Games Are Good For You The Freelancer
 In Response to "Defense of Final Fantasy 8" The Freelancer
 Suikoden and Wild Arms: Expectations and Reality Mike Benedetto
 The Defence Michael Harnest
 Just a little complaining about complaining _Mog_r
 In response to 'A Double Standard in RPGs' Nathan Larkins
 Difficulty in rpgs starry wishes kirby
 Re: See? Square Does Listen! Shanyou
 Indecision 2000 Joshua Maciel
June 19, 2000 - Oops! I Did It Again... Joshua Maciel
 Don't judge an RPG before it's released Brigitte I. Cornwell
 Michael Harnest. . . (Grrrrr!!!!) The Dark Lord
 Defense of Final Fantasy 8 Doug MacDonald
 Suikoden II and Wild Arms 2: A Double Standard in RPGs Howard Kleinman
 Comparing Apples and Oranges to RPGs kris wolfe
 A Gaming Combination Matt "The Freelancer" Callanan
 A Rebuttal to Final Fantasy VII's Grandeur Mike Duran
 [Caution: Obscenity] Sarcasm: It Does the Mind Good Mitchell Gyde
 (Caution: Obsenity) Is it an Editorial, a Poem, or a Song? None of the Above! That's My Word Mitchell Gyde
 "...Whatever." Mistress Nightshadow
 RE: Final Fantasy VII's Grandeur Mike White
 Life after Square Rando
 Not the Ivory Gates Reclining Tiger
 See? Squaresoft does listen! Squall Fong Wong
 Rebuttal to Mistress Nightshadow OR Help, I'm Living With my Parents, and my Mom Won't Stop Playing Final Fantasy Usagi Vindaloo
 Change Zabuni
June 11, 2000 - M&M&M&M&M Joshua Maciel
 "What Makes a Good RPG" You Ask? What Have You Been Smoking? Mitchell Gyde
 An Analogy: The Progression of Gaming According to Michael Michael Harnest
 Final Fantasy VII's Grandeur Michael Harnest
 Expanding Webster: A Short Plea Michael Harnest
 Parents Just Don't Understand Mistress Nightshadow
June 3, 2000 - I Love You, I Would Date With You Joshua Maciel
 Banon is Missing, Final Fantasy VI Does Not Gain Credentials Michael Harnest
 Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall... Mistress Nightshadow
 Bitching about Square, are we? Milliardo Peacecraft
 All Generalizations are False: The Fangirl Takes Offense Raincrystal
 Are PC RPGs getting any respect? Richard Mitchell
 Girlfriend In a Coma or an Exhausted Child? The reason FF8 is not a masterpiece. Xerdo Pwerko
 Music Piracy Joshua Maciel
 Prohibition Joshua Maciel
May 28, 2000 - Open the Floodgates! Joshua Maciel
 It is all in the Execution: My Two Cents Worth On Fanfics Chad Harger a.k.a Graeystone
 Well, What if There Wasn’t a Final Boss? Chris Politz
 Aerith/Aeris -- Which is Right? Dustin Perrault
 Art – a reply to Rebuttal to: "Squaresoft Isn’t Fooling Me" Eternal Eclipse
 Academic RPGs Mistress Nightshadow
 Reply to: Square at the Pearly Gates Raincrystal
 Judging a Book by its Cover Sheepieman
May 23, 2000 - Settling in Joshua Maciel
 PlayStation and Religion? Nonsense! Brett Smith
 Reviving an Old Debate: The True Message of Xenogears Dorrin
 Rebuttal to: "Squaresoft Isn't Fooling Me" Geoffrey Russell
 God in Japan, or Why Everyone Likes Sexy People With Wings Kris Wolfe
 The Existence of Old and New RPGers Mark Gross
 Emotion Raincrystal
 This Gamer Is Scared Raincrystal
 Response to "Square at the Ivory Gates: God and Angels in Squaresoft Titles" Rana Loreus
 A few words for the discontented RPGamers (Old-School or otherwise) out there... Tabris
 Nothing Really Changes Anyway: A Response to Change is Good WMAdoy
 Why the Consoles Will Survive Joshua Maciel
May 16, 2000 - Dial-ups: Communist Plot Joshua Maciel
 Rebuttal to "Why you think you like FF6 the best." Barry Dancer
 Change is Good Chief Ug
 Final Fantasy is no longer Final Fantasy eX-finn
 Square at the Ivory Gates: God and Angels in Squaresoft Titles Evan Jenkins
 Pompousness [Pokémon TCG Spoilers] Geoffrey 'ePaulson
 Rebuttal to "FF7 vs FF8" by Yuffie Janice Tanaka Kaeru
 In tha year of tha Boomerang Mike Dore
 Will On-Line Console RPGs Work? Depends... Matt Hayes
 Graphics: Who needs them? Mike Wasson
 Old-school RPGs? New RPGs? What's the difference? Nyoro, Frog of Darkness
 FFVII... Has Squaresoft really sold out to the RPGamers? Nightshadow
 Reply to: Ganondorf Dies and It all Seems Worth It Orpheus Tay
 "Kubla Khan" and FF7: A Literary Analysis Raincrystal
 Time limit, next RPG... Radrisol
 Self-Depreciation -or- Dating: The Abridged Manual Sage Gaspar
 Game Developers - They Do More Than They Have To Squall Fong Wong
 The RPG Dichotomy Joshua Maciel
May 11, 2000 - And the Trumpets Shall Sound Joshua Maciel
May 7, 2000 - And the Trumpets Shall Sound Joshua Maciel
 Editorial: Squaresoft getting back to what made Final Fantasy good. Aaron Brunner
 On Fanfiction: Wish Fulfilment, Missing the Point, and Finding the Balance Azusa Kuraino
 I may be the only one left... Arvind Vashisht
 In response to many responses to my editorial Anon Ymous
 Why FFVII-VIII And SquareSoft DOSN'T Suck Ben Gilboa
 It's Not Pandering If... Brett Smith
 Why their aren't true FF sequals CBurt85
 In Defense Of Squaresoft Chris Galli
 A Letter to My Love Cheryl Lachowicz
 FF6 is fun fun silly willy for me! Not wakk wakk wakk Dimastines
 Just a fool throwin comments around Dark Holy
 rebuttal to Joe Rinaldi's rebuttal to Jason Dow's The Fear of the ONLINE RPG Dan 'Frogerk' Slotten
 Ganondorf dies, and it all seems worth it. Four Finger Wu
 Selphie- (side note) False Prophet Maduin
 The basis to most RPGs. Aaron Brunner
 Why Ghaleon is the Greatest of all RPG Antagonists Howard Kleinman
 Why can't a game just be good Jason Birdwell
 Character development not necessary? I beg to differ! Jason Connor
 Reply on the "Bias against Nintendo" Jamez East
 Is Square becoming a copycat? Jon Gibson
 Rebuttal to David Sanders to Scarmiglion... Interpretation Sauron
 Hail to the Square God! Katherine Tierney
 Fear Through Ignorance Lara Sköld
 Aftermath Mark "Intrasonic" Gross
 "I have a theory" Macabre
 See it here folks! A man who can predict the future of Aidyn Chronicles! Noble Duncanson
 My sincerest apologies go out to this man... Poe22222
 Ratings Would Be Fine-- If "They" Meant What They Said Raincrystal
 In response to "Why you think you like FF6 the best" by Luke Adams Richard Snyder
 shut your hole Luke Adams!!!!! SHADOW ASSASIN
 "He's like a brother to me," and Why Those Words Don't Have Any Meaning Sage Gaspar
 How SRPG's kick Traditional RPG's a**es Steve Metzger
 Squaresoft is we have a problem? Tabris
 FF8 vs. FF7.... Yuffie Janice Tanaka
May 2, 2000 - The Eds of Evil Matt Prince
 One Man To Have The Power of Many Bill Campbell
 Rebuttal to: Why you think you like FF6 Edrees Hatef
 In Response to: "Grammar..." Martin Haller
 Grammar SageGaspar
 Why I Think Googleshng Is Female Raincrystal
 Role Playing? Character Development? You take the term "RPG" too seriously, friend. Roger Romer
 You're Kidding, Right, Square? Please Tell Me You're Kidding. Whitney Reynolds
 "He's Like a Brother To Me" Geronimo
 It is all in the Execution: A Rebuttal to Intrasonic's Editorial Chad Harger
 How SRPG's kick Traditional RPG's a**es Steve Metzger
 Square Deserves Better Fans Poe22222
 More about Final Fantasy VIII Jacob Horner
April 26, 2000 - God Save My Grades Joshua Maciel
 A Character Analysis of Nanaki Brett Smith
 Rebuttal to's "The Problem with Modern Gamers" Jacob Fronczak
 The Differing Natures of PC and Console RPG's James Wylie
 SquareSoft Isn't Fooling Me Macaroni
 Censorship Through Extortion Mitchell Gyde
 Obscenity? You Don't Know the Meaning of the Word Mitchell Gyde
 Mad Lucas' First Treatise on RPGs Mad Lucas
 Character Development in the Future Matthew Peck
 Grammar:The Essence of Quality Writing Stephanie Waugh
 Bias Against Nintendo Thomas Maluck
April 19, 2000 - Rumplestiltskin Ain't Got Nuffin' on Me Joshua Maciel
 Feedback for your begging Brett Smith
 Out of Character? WHAT character? Cheryl Lachowicz
 The Console War: Know Your Role CX
 In response to "Another Elitist Bastard Letter" by Mephtik-X DJ EuphoriKa
 I don't believe I'm reading this tripe... Drew "Cutriss" Lanclos
 Final Fantasy..RPGs..the fans..and the sequels.. Dai
 Enter the 8-Bit (Again) Endarire Elward
 On the On-line Console RPG Debate... Hayden Dawson
 More Crap About Final Fantasy 7 and It's Ending Jake Gus
 A Reply to Another Elitist Bastard Letter Jouni A Harjunmaa
 Violence in Video Games Jonathan Keller
 Rebuttal to 'The Fear of the Online RPG' Joe "Tabris" Rinaldi
 Why you think you like FF6 the best Luke Adams
 Why Bother? Matthew Furrow
 The Developer's End of the Console War OniNemo
 Selphie's Role in FF8 Rob Janney
 Rebuttal to Scarmiglion David Sanders
 Scart, Gloves, and an FF7 Spoiler Tifa Worshipper
 The Graphics Debate - Who's Really To Blame? Andrew Gonzalez
April 9, 2000 - An Overused Cliche Approaches...Command? Joshua Maciel
 Why We are Lucky to be Role Players Chris Steidel
 Sega's Ambitious Dream... Joshua "Darien" Maciel
 Comments on FF7's Ending Maduin
 The Fear of the Online RPG Jason Dow
 Another Elitist Bastard Letter Mephtik-X
 Who is Ultimecia? I think I know... Peter Williams
 Action-Based Character Revisited Richard Allen
 Pokemon is Mental Crack! Durandal
 Women, RPGs, and New Game+ ShinKarasu
 Selphie's Importance The Psycho
 An Editorial Approaches...Command? Joshua "Darien" Maciel
April 3, 2000 - So You Want to be a Hero? Joshua Maciel
 An Interpretation of Final Fantasy VII's Ending Brett Smith
 A Pointless Letter on the RPG dsanickl
 PC RPGs, translation, and a lot of other opinionated stuff! Kris Wolfe
 The Problem with Modern Gamers
 The Importance of Correct Grammar Moux Cow Petau
 The Personalities of RPG Heroes Paul Elliott
 Addition to Usagi Vindaloo's rebuttal The Steel Gunner
 Why Graphics Shouldn't be so Important V L B
 The Sequel to End All Sequels Joshua "Darien" Maciel

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