Editorial Archive for Jan.- March 1999

March 15, 1999
 What Were They Thinking? Elaine Pedee
 Too much of a good thing? Chocobo 13
 Last Boss Boogy Name Withheld
 An attack on FMV in the world of Video [Games]? Unknown
 Are We as Smart as We Think? Barry Hudson
 The Days of Old Nathan Rogers
Feb. 20, 1999 - Feature Editorials Alex
 The Meaning of Debate Matt Steiner
 Effective Marketing, SquareSoft-Style: Infect the Fans Bill Johnson
 On the progression of RPGs: two steps forward, one step back Mike Benedetto
 The Blessing of Obscurity Steve Watts
 A response to 'Stereotypes within RPGs' Josh Maciel
 Are recent SquareSoft RPGs really games? Celeste J. Byrd
Jan. 31, 1999
 Debating on debate? Shawn Bruckner
 Yes, we do want Movie-like RPGs Mike Lindberg
 One and a Half Years... Brian Cable
 I Think Alex Weitzman
 Stereotypes Within RPGs Greg Campbell
 As time moves on. The progression of RPGs Brian Thorpe
Jan. 24, 1999
 RPG Optimism Chocobo 13
 Aeris the Ideal, Tifa the Human Marie Freed
 With My Last Breath, I Spit At Thee Joe Nuccio
 Speak of All Things Plainly and Honestly, for Square Must Listen Roehl Sybing
 You just don't get it, do you? Nick Uson
 The Importance of Gameplay Michael J. Eaton
 Do We Really Want Movie-Like RPGs? John Miaso
 I'm sorry, this is Abuse Gabe Carr
 In Response to "If you don't have anything nice to say..." or Can't we all just get along...? Daniel Hamamura
 Star Wars' Influence in Japan Raiden
 To Each Their Own Richard Clough
 The Importance of Death in a Final Fantasy Joseph Witham
Jan. 3, 1999
 Square: They're the Good Guys Matt Blackie
 Putting the Fantasy Back into Final Fantasy Matt Blackie
 Voice Acting in RPGs Jeffrey Zimmerman
 Why do we play? Chocobo 13
 A Response to "Was I playing Star Wars?" Alex Weitzman
 In Response to "Was I Playing Star Wars?" John McLean
 If you don't have Something Nice to Say.... Jeff Marshall

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