Editorial Archive for Jan. - March 1998

March 28, 1998
 Freedom of Speech in Video Games David Boyle
 Why Secret of Evermore Was a Horrible Game, and Why It Gets a Worse Rap Than It Deserves Zach Francks
 Save the Elves (and Dwarves, etc.)! Michael J. Greenhut
 Why Science Fiction is a Good Thing in an RPG Brian Kerr
 Why Do We Play SquareSoft Games? Irwin Kwan
 Shades of Gray Montie Magree
 Why Wild ARMs is not as Good as a Square Game Jonathan Weng
 Final Fantasy Means Science-Fantasy! Jeff Zimmerman
March 14, 1998
 The Over-simplication of Barret's Portrayal Shawn Bruckner
 Science Fantasy Paul Terrinova
March 1, 1998
 Mediocrity in Translations: Don't Blame Square as a Whole Matthew Schuele
 Leaps and Bounds Mike Harnest
Feb. 21, 1998
 Off Course We Need Good Translations: A Cautionary Fable Zach Francks and
Lindsay Tarver
Feb. 1, 1998
 A Defence of Translation of Square Made Matthew Shetler
Jan. 24, 1998
 Barret Racism Demonstrates American/Japanese Cultural Gap Jeremy Parish
 Final Fantasy VII as an All-Encompassing Story Michael D. Craig
 The Superior Music of Final Fantasy Seven Bishop Wilkins
 Just What Is a Role-Playing Game, Anyway? Andy Church
Jan. 18, 1998
 A Defense of RPG Elements in Square's Games Tomm Hulett
Jan. 13, 1998
 The Lack of Role Playing Elements in Recent Squaresoft Games Don Wang
Jan. 9, 1998
 Are Women Well Represented in Square Games? Anonymous
Jan. 8, 1998
 The True Functions of Holy and Meteor Brian Maniscalco
Jan. 6, 1998
 Yet Another Defense Of Final Fantasy VII's Absurdly Controversial Ending Jason Golec
Jan. 5, 1998
 Artistry Versus Economics Sean Daugherty
 In Response to "A Defense of Barret" Martin Haller
Jan. 1, 1998
 A Defense of Final Fantasy VII in General Dan Wright
 Translation Failures Andy Church
 A Defense of Barret Charles Clark

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