Editorial Archive for Jan. - March 2000

March 28, 2000 - Osoi desu ne... Joshua Maciel
 Confused about X-Box? Well, you are supposed to be! Andrill
 A View on Xenogears and Its Gnostic Influences Philippe R-A
 Rebuttal to Intrasonic's Fanfic Theories Usagi Vindaloo
 New Roses Are Not Released Every Year Michael Harnest
 The Misunderstood Final Fantasy Finale Michael Harnest
 "The Gary King Challenge" Tomm Hulett
 Almost Having the Guts, Almost Breaking Stereotypes Chris Brown
March 23, 2000 - They Took Our Pinball Machines! Joshua Maciel
 In Assault of the X-Box Brett Smith
 The Offering of Video Games to Art Brett Smith
 Memoirs of an Amateur Programmer D.A. Sklavos
 A Boy and His Sword Endarire Elward
 Re: Art: Wanna Get Technical Gary King
 On Fanfics - Conspiracy Theories That Make Mulder Look Conservative Intrasonic
 A Rose, by Any Other Name, Would Smell as Sweet... PC
 Re: Decline and Fall of the English Language Red H. MacGuffin
 Rebuttal for the decline and fall of the English language Tom Moore
 Why Non-Gaming Debates Have a Place Here Joshua Maciel
 I Miss the Old Zelda Collin Otto
March 20, 2000 - Save Me! I'm a Bloody Lady! Joshua Maciel
 Who Hates Squaresoft? Raincrystal
 FF Music - 8 Is Great, but 7 Is Heaven Andrew Gonzalez
 The Relevance of Music to RPGs Brett Smith
 Hey, Are You Forgetting Something? Stuart Carapola
 Some Thoughts on Final Fantasy VI Jake
 How Ironic: A Response to Jack Kroll's Editorial Brendan McGrath
 The Whoopass Game That is Terrangima Kris Wolfe
 Would You Like Strained Carrots Instead? Alex Fenemore
 The Blurring of the Line: Role-playing Games and Action Games Arcana
 In the Year 2000! Aaron Gover
 The Lost Joy of Suicide Seth Nadel
 Music makes the game Tom Moore
 What Makes an RPG Popular? David Sanders
 In Defense of the X-Box Matthew Prince
 In Moderate Support of Jack Kroll (and What We Can Do About It) Gary King
 The Video Games as Art Theorem Michael Harnest
 Art: Wanna Get Technical? Alex Weitzman
 The Decline and Fall of the English Language Matthew Furrow
 Response: Why Doesn't Square Make SEQUELS? Raincrystal
 I Believe You've Almost Got It. Aaron Gover
 Rebuttal to the Action-Based Character TetrisGod
 Get Your Facts Straight Thomas Manson
 I'm a teenybopper mainstream wannabe and proud of it! Georgia B.
 Rebuttal to "Nostalgia" Tomm Hulett
 Would You Like to Post a Retraction? Your God Said You Misquoted Him Joshua Maciel
 A Whole Boatload of Common Sense Juryu
 God, Christianity, and the United States of America... Aaron M. Hall
 Response for Brad Collin Otto
 My God is your God, but you must be crazy Evan Khaleghi
 RE: My God can Beat Up Your God Mike Tully
 My God Loves You Anyway Paul Elliott
 Intolerance The Red Scare
 A Rebuttal to Brad Lohr's comments in the Ask the Oracle column for March 10, 2000. Jason Connor
 My God can Beat Up Your God Brad Lohr
March 6, 2000 - Denouncing the Evils of Truth and Love... Joshua Maciel
 The Action-Based Character Paul Langworthy
 Non Linearity in Story RPGs - why don't we see more of it? Rob Janney
 Nostalgia: What's Happened to our RPGs? Joshua Rodriguez
 Why I Consider Zelda II the Best in the Series Kiel Warren
 What Makes a Good RPG? David Sanders
 Gaming University EE
 Don't Count Out the Dreamcast Yet Ben Breier
 Video Games ARE Art. The Media is Wrong. Dan Crislip
 "Good For Dan Crislip!" Alex Weitzman
 In concurrence with Dan Crislip's article, "Video Game ARE Art. The Media is Wrong." Jason Connor
 Ideal This, Ideal That... Steel Gunner
 In Rebut of Andrill Michael Harnest
March 2, 2000 - But Soft! What Light... Joshua Maciel
 The FF9 Prophecy Nick Powell
 The Ideal Final Fantasy Alex Winn
 What is the True RPG Gamer? Brandon Blair
 Console RPGs and the People Who Can't Help But Love Them Ben Dinehart
 Friends Don't Let Friends Write Crappy RPGamer Editorials Aaron Gover
 Game Arts: At Least Square Has Worthy Competition Howard Kleinman
 The Truth About RPGs JMSourbeer
 SaGa Frontier 1 and 2: 180 Degree Turn...Almost... KaiPhantom
 Look on rpg's and games in general. Mikolaj Macioszek
Feb. 25, 2000 - On a Dark and Chilly Night... Hunter Wilcox
 The Mythology of Final Fantasy JD Davis
 Role Playing Games Zechael
 Why One Should Care Joshua Maciel
 "Untitled (It's a Pun)" Leah Raeder
 Rebuttal to FF8 FAQ Part 2 Joshua Maciel
Feb. 22, 2000 - Progression Hunter Wilcox
 Why FF series is so successful... Brandon Blair
 About Women in Final Fantasy Neko-chan
 Editorial Abuse? Casey Columbus
 Why Are There So Few Good Villains? Howard Kleinman
Feb. 9, 2000 - Progression Hunter Wilcox
 Critical analysis of FF8 Andy Kraft
 FFIX, FFX, FFXI Joshua Maciel
 FAQ About the Plot of FFVIII Part II Joshua Maciel
 Why FFIV is the Greatest RPG Ever Mephtik Zero
 Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy I Shayera the Starsword
 My problems with the "old school." Al Solomon
 The Essence of a True Villain Ajikazia Wonkycyber
 Opinions on Online Gaming David Liu
 Xenogears is the redemption of the current trend of RPGs Evan Khaleghi
 The RPG That Is Not An RPG Josh DeClerck
 The Importance of Playing RPGs Joshua Maciel
 Forget it, Square is not coming back Andrill
 Wonderswan? Wonder no more... (what a dumb name for a system!) Elranzer
 Will we ever see another American Dragon Quest? Roto Densetsu
 Re: Final Fantasy Sucks Damien Prystay
 Re: FFA: The TRUTH (Should I buy the damn thing or not?) Kris Wolfe
 Oh for Pen and Paper... Steel Gunner
Jan. 26, 2000 - A Time for Change Hunter Wilcox
 On Rentals Brian R. Boyko
 The Rant of the Archivist Craig Erickson
 The RPG Mass Market dsanickl
 The Want to Hate Jouni Harjunmaa
 Square Game Length... Leee
 The Progress of Videogame Recognition as Seen by a Gamer Sean Haas
 Iíll Explain Exactly Why Final Fantasy Sucks Benjamin S. Avner
 Why Final Fantasy IX should be like Final Fantasy IV Howard Kleinman
 The Fun Factor of Final Fantasy Steve Metzger
 In Defense of FFVIII Vincent Nguyen
 Zohar: What Xenogears Really means Eric Reichel
 Love in RPG's John Symanski
 The Religious Significance of Grandia Joshua Maciel
 Frequently Asked Questions About the Plot of FFVIII Joshua Maciel
 Re: Final Fantasy Anthology - The TRUTH! Lindsay S
 "Call Me a Treasure Hunter and I'll Rip Yer Lungs Out" Leah Raeder
 Rebuttal to pincode Joshua L. Wesley
 Anti-Buying of games Bill Mosher
 Re: Where We've Been, and Why We Are the Way We Are Talia Veare
 Re: Why doesn't Square make SEQUELS? William Mosher
 Sequels? We Don't Need no Steenkin' Sequels Sean Daugherty
 The Truth Asmodean
 The Problems with Editorials Joshua Maciel

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