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What's the Nature of Biggs & Wedge's Relationship?

Trent Seely

Final Fantasy has its share of power couples, but none have a more ambiguous relationship than Biggs and Wedge. Sure, some would pause over why Lulu would settle for Wakka or how Beatrix could actually fall for wet blanket like Steiner, but those couples are too mainstream. My smug hipster brain has no interest in that. So, let's talk about the most fringe of fringe couples in the Final Fantasy universe. I recently found an ode to their relationship that might shed more light on the situation:

An Ode to Biggs & Wedge


You were Red Wings in Star Wars and in Baron.
You raided Narshe together on Magiteck armor.
You both got squished in Sector 7.
You somehow ended up in Ivalice...three times.
You had both been demoted in Galbadia.
Apparently, you also liked Blitzball.
And changed your names to Gibbs and Deweg.
Thankfully, you changed them back and became engineers at Garlond Ironworks.
You even showed up in Twilight Town as shopkeeps.
The only constant in your travels has been your partnership.
Let's not play coy; I bet you hold hands.

Now, I'm not one for outing people and I certainly don't think the expertly crafted free-verse ode above should be indicative of anything in particular, but it sure makes you wonder. What if all this time the bumbling, comic relief duo we've continually run into were actually more than bosom buddies? Could it be that Biggs and Wedge are something more than heterosexual life mates, a la Jay and Silent Bob?

You be the judge!

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