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I've Got Triple Vision

Mike Moehnke

E3 has yet to arrive, and maybe when the official reveal from Nintendo takes place all the doubters will be proven wrong. Unless and until Nintendo makes it clear that the tentatively titled 3DS is more than simply a means of eliminating all people who lack depth perception from its audience, however, I'm a full-on skeptic. I look forward to being proven a foolish naysayer by the Wizards at Nintendo, but right now it's just as possible that the company will ask everyone to gullibly taste the Kool-aid.

Making a 3D handheld seems extraordinarily sketchy. In movies, the case for 3D has barely been proven to do more than force everyone to wear heavy glasses and pay more, while in video games the notion seems even less ideal. Immersion in the game is already expected and needing to concentrate hard to see things that might not be on the screen but instead bouncing into the room is not going to help matters. The RPG genre in particular is not exclusively about pretty pictures that make everyone go 'ooh' and 'aah,' so adding 3D will not help make its entries better.

Can Nintendo experience failure on an epic scale in the handheld arena? It did once, back when virtual reality was the "Big Thing". The company would no doubt like to erase all public memory of a certain device that is memorialized in a NSFW way, but the painful thing did see the light of day. Whatever the 3DS ends up being called, it would have to be pretty damn bad to merit genuine comparison with the device that killed Gunpei Yokoi's career, but Nintendo did greenlight such a monstrosity once.

I'd like to be proven a naysaying rumormonger who didn't see the genius behind what, after all, hasn't been officially unveiled. 3D has been with us ever since the 1950's when movie theaters were trying to come up with a way of getting people away from the television, though, and integrating it into video games has never been a priority until now. Has Nintendo come up with another brilliant ploy to sell millions of systems, or is it a cynical cash grab that won't mean much because the system is backwards-compatible with the DS? Only time will tell.

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