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Motivate Me

Sam Marchello

After a stressful final year of classes that culminated in graduation, and all that good stuff, I finally remember what it's like to have free time again. Except that in gaining this free time, I've somehow managed to lose my motivation to do many things. This includes looking for full time work and chugging through the backlog of books and games that are resting on my shelf but I've got no motivation to plow through them.

As it stands right now, I'm about to obtain the good ending in Persona 4. I should be proud of myself in some way by beating Persona 4 I will have completed three 60+ hour games this year. You'd think there would be a feeling of satisfaction; however, the thought of completing three 60+ hour games terrifies me! There is, though. It's just so brief that you wonder why the heck you would pour that much time into something when you barely pour that time into something else that could be meaningful or worthwhile. I could finish a scarf I started knitting a few years back. That would be more meaningful than a 60+ hour game, right?

The point is that gaming has the ability to be meaningful if you make it that way. The problem lies in how it can be easy to lose momentum halfway through, especially if you are finding the final bits of the game to be a slog. The final two areas of Persona 4 shouldn't feel like a slog, but truth be told, they are. They are a slog when all you've done is the same thing in all other dungeons before it. In fact, I'm sure everyone can think of numerous incidents in gaming where plenty of momentum tapered off, causing the dreaded question of "Is this game worth completing?" Some of us are smart enough to know that when we don't like a game, we put it down. Others (myself included in this category) never know when to put the game down even if it feels like it's becoming a chore to play. Why? Because there's always that belief that somewhere, somehow, a game will get better.

That isn't to say Persona 4 is a bad game, in fact, it's a extraordinary one, but even so, I only can devote so much time and effort before I feel like my motivation is dwindling away. However, there's usually a boss that comes along and pisses me off, somehow restoring my motivation. Isn't this, in some way, a horrible way to re-motivate one's self to complete a game?

One thing is for sure, as soon as I finish this game, I'm not going to play another 60+ hour romp for a long time. If you find out that I am, stop me before I hurt myself again. Pretty please?

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