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Gabriel Ang

Death... does anyone truly understand it? Death is something the living may never understand, for it is only the dead who can understand death itself. No one can truly understand the death of another, only that an event such as this brings with it a major, almost transformative change that the very spectrum of the living's existence is altered. His views, his beliefs, his personality and even his own self are shaken to their very cores. Death brings with it the realization that such a major event has taken place. Everything changes and nothing will ever be the same again. Death shatters the very reality of the living as it forces them to face themselves and their own mortality. As one life ends, the life of everyone else must go on, but these lives are not unaffected. It comes to you, almost straight in the face, challenging you to face a challenge that will alter the course of your life forever, may it be for good or for bad. Nevertheless, change has come, and change will stay.

Death rears its head on the living, in it reflecting the lives of those around it. Not a literal physical death but a lifestyle one, showing the radical alteration in life brought about by an event so shattering and almost mind-boggling that it demands reflection and, ultimately, a change inside.

As stated, Death does not necessarily mean that someone will die, but it reflects a massive, life-changing event similar to the death of a loved one. An event so large that no matter who you are, it will affect you, and change you in ways you may never truly realize until you try to see it. Death signals that single, massive event in your life that will change and affect you for the rest of your life, perhaps becoming the focal point of your journeys after.

And it is here that the Fool faces perhaps the most important event in his own journey, the event that would set the tone for his adventures to come. He may or may not be prepared for what lies in store for him, but even if he was, he may never have expected for things to turn out the way he would see. The aftermath lies ahead as he lies in awe or shock at what had just transpired. Even then, he doesn't have all the time in the world to let it soak in. He must once again make a decision at this critical junction that will change the face of his life forever.


And so it is there, after so much searching, that he and his allies set foot on the City of the Ancients. This is the home of the people of the planet, the so-called Ancients who spoke with the planet itself. It is here that their friend has traveled to; believing in a miracle that she thinks is the only way to save the world from the chaos that would descend from the sky. In this forgotten place, it is here where this miracle can be made true. They search for her in this mysterious artifact of the past. In the center of a massive downward staircase he finds her, deep in prayer on an altar, as if asking the almighty for the miracle she seeks.

He approaches her alone, and for reasons unknown even to him, he draws his sword and prepares to strike her. He inches closer as his own will tries to resist the unconscious command to strike her dead. He readies his blade, draws it back, and slices.

He stops, barely inches from her head and her life. He regains his senses as his friends scream for him to stop. He looks at her. She looks up towards him, and smiles. She smiles a satisfied smile, as a blade from the heavens descends upon her.

The blade strikes her through. It is the white-haired swordsman, who pulls his sword out as her lifeless body slumps forward. As she falls forward into the hero's arms, the Materia that was her keepsake bounces into the water, all aglow, as if her prayers have been answered at the cost of her own life.

She is dead. Aeries is dead.


The trap is sprung as three teams of the army's finest soldiers leap into action. Luca Blight stands alone, his men dead and his own body riddled with arrows. Flik's team stands at the ready, but even then Luca Blight accepts the challenge as if it was nothing. It is six against one, a walk in the park for Luca as he charges at them. It ends in a stalemate. Luca is barely tired as Flik's team can barely continue to fight. He mocks them as he tries to escape.

A second team engages him, lead by Viktor, but even this team is unable to slay him. By this time, however, Luca shows signs of fatigue. Once again in a stalemate, Luca tries to escape again as he is cornered by the army's leader, hoping to once and for all take Luca's head, and finally bring an end to this war.

Even then he is unable to defeat him. More of Luca's men appear and he escapes into the cliff behind them. The hero takes chase as Luca is finally cornered at a tree, once again alone and riddled by arrows, and now these two leaders duel it out. At this point, in his completely weakened state, Luca clearly cannot win.

And so Luca is defeated, but he refuses to die quietly. He mocks the hero, saying that the people of Highland will continue to fight on screaming for vengeance. The same would apply for the State, and thus this war will never end as long as a side hungers for blood. Here, at the end of his life, as he declared himself the sublime face of evil, he collapses.

He is dead. Luca Blight is dead.


The event comes to pass for the Fool. It is not always an actual death, but sometimes it is. It could be the death of a dear ally or even an enemy. Whatever the case, it signals a massive change for those left behind, and those who must pick up the pieces as the future changes. What happens now? No one really knows. In a way they are still at a loss for words at what had just transpired, but regardless of it they must also be quick to act. There is little or no time for sorrow or celebration. Death not only marks a massive change, but a radical new beginning for him and those that follow him.

Death has come, left a great impact in its wake, but the journey must once again continue.

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