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Wheel of Fortune

Gabriel Ang

Whether or not you are a believer in the ideas of fate or destiny, one cannot deny the fact that one cannot perfectly determine the outcomes of human actions, and that sometimes things just happen beyond a person's control. It is not to say that people are weak or impotent to take control, but rather that the entire spectrum of life is so wide that one cannot realistically take charge of it all, or even predict the outcome of the events in a person's life. It is during these moments that man realizes how he is almost infinitely small in the grand scheme of things. That he is not the center of the universe as he once believed he was. Things will happen whether they are the consequences of his actions or merely happenstance. Even with one's actions things can always happen out of nowhere that no one can predict. Sometimes even the most opportune of circumstances backfires. It becomes a matter of character then to know what one must do when the wild card reveals itself.

When the Wheel of Fortune turns, it goes round and round and where it stops, no one knows. But even then, in even the most random or disastrous of events beyond human control, it doesn't mean that one is powerless. At this point the Fool knows even Fortune can be altered.

The Wheel of Fortune does not necessarily mean total randomness or complete unpredictability. At its core it signifies that even when you think you have total control of your life and actions, things still happen beyond our comprehension. The Wheel spins and presents a multitude of possible outcomes and effects, some within range of logic, while others completely beyond scope. The Wheel proves that there is no such thing as absolute certainty, even for the noblest of actions.

The Fool and his friends will often be dealt a blow or a realization beyond their wildest dreams. He sees an outcome he could not for the life of him have seen for miles away, but it is there now, right in front of him. For the Fool it is often the unexpected outcome of his actions, or a world-shattering event beyond his mortal control. Even then, the fool has to make a choice yet again. He must come to terms with the consequence of such an event, as only then can he move on.

A former Turk. He's been sleeping for many years inside his own coffin below the old Shinra mansion. After many years of sleep he is awakened by our young hero, who is seeking out the mysteries of the white-haired swordsman hidden within this old derelict place. The former Turk laments his sin to them: his failure to prevent what would become the tragedy of the present day. He recounts how he was the guard of a young female Shinra researcher, fell in love with her, but was pushed away for a scientist named Hojo. Yes, the very same Hojo our hero has met. There he reveals that this young lady would give birth to tragedy our hero is trying to find. As the young hero and his friends leave him be, he stops them. He speaks of his failure to foresee this event and how he believed slumber was his penance. Now however, he wants to join them, in order to make amends for the sin of his past.

None of them really understood why such a bloodthirsty prince would want to capture fleeing refugees alive. The Knights of Matilda are forbidden to act as he rounds them up beyond their borders. Curious at the plans of this prince Luca Blight, knight captain Miklotov infiltrates the captured city of Jowston with the young hero to find out the fate of this people. It is there, in their dismay and utter horror, that they witness a bloody sacrifice to awaken a power so imposing and terrifying that an entire city of people were offered. This is the awakening of the Beast Rune. They flee the scene and return to the Matilda capital. This was something they were not prepared for, yet the Knightdom refuses to act. It is here that the young hero implores that they must act, but is met again with refusal. Unable to hold back, Miklotov and his friend Camus choose to leave Matilda and join the liberation army, still horrified with what they had witnessed, but like the hero choose to finally end Luca Blight's reign once and for all.

The Fool has come to know that the not everything comes neatly together into place. There are things that are beyond even him, no matter how convinced he is of his actions. Fortune does not always deal a card he is familiar with or immediately knows how to react to. Sometimes when a wild card is dealt, it shocks him to the point that it leaves confusion and regret. Sometimes he is able to make a decision when he is supposed to, other times it progresses to a point he cannot influence. Despite all of it he knows that all these things are real, and like reality itself, he can affect even the most surprising of outcomes at some point. It could be now or even years from now, but the important thing is he is willing to act to make it better.

Even though the Wheel of Fortune spins, the outcome it points to is never always set in stone.

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