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Gabriel Ang

People sometimes forget that we are, in fact, still animals. Every human is an animal, and inside any animal, is that animals instinct. Instincts are driven by many things such as greed, courage, glory and even fear. There exists inside every man and woman a beast, a powerful creature that is the personification of raging desires trying to take control. At times this beast is a friend that helps in the darkest of times, yet it is also that untamed creature, if left unchecked, can wreak havoc when set loose. Everyone has them and everyone must deal with them. It is foolish to deny and repress the beast because it will always be there, tempting us to release our inhibitions and let our innermost desires be set free. What happens then when the beast, untamed and uncontrolled, is let loose into the world?

Once the spirit has learned to discipline the forces of his human Chariot, he must then learn to tame the savage beast within. And yet, again, what would happen if creature of instinct takes control? Only through the Strength within can this hunger be quelled.

It may come off as clichéd, but the term Strength does not always mean physical prowess. Strength comes in many forms and sizes, not necessarily always the ability to bend steel with ones fists. There is the strength of heart, mind, spirit and soul. To understand Strength is to find it in all its forms and to try and master them. Sometimes the greatest Strength is not to ability to control others, but to control the self.

When this control is lost, as the Strength reverses, one becomes an animal of instinct, lost in personal emotions and feelings. One looses the rational mind and spirit and becomes a creature devoted to carnal pleasures and instant gratifications. The young Fool knows that after discipline comes control, because he knows that once the beast is unleashed, sometimes he himself might not be left standing. He can clearly see in others what can happen when the beast goes on its rampage.

When our hero goes with his friend Barret to see the leader of this desert prison, he becomes aware of the carnage left behind. In the land of happiness above, countless people have been killed by a gun-toting maniac. Even down here in this den of murderers this person is feared as he even leaves the bodies of his followers in his wake. He goes with his friend to meet the man named Dyne, and here learns of their shared past, and how tragedy has turned him into a hateful shell of a man. He understands and feels nothing, only the desire to kill to quench his pain. Knowing what he has become, Barret knows he must fight him to free him from his torment, to quell the beast, as the young hero watches what becomes of men whose heart are destroyed.

Hearing of him is one thing, seeing his thirst for blood is another. Luca Blight is perhaps the single most feared human being in the land, and in his deeds the hero learns what a man consumed by madness and hatred is capable of. He strikes fear into the hearts of noble men, and even the hero questions the degree of this man's sanity. On his way to Greenhill to rescue the mayor he begins to realize the utter hateful brutality of this man he knows he will have to face soon, and clearly he has some fear of him. This man hates every single one the State's citizens stemming from his violent past and his dishonor at the hands of his enemies. He has perhaps chosen to let the beast take control, and this beast has given him power beyond those of mortal men. But at what cost?

The hero sees in others what he himself learns: what becomes of men who have surrendered themselves to the madness within. He knows that the fires of combat will stoke the embers inside his own self, and even one mistake of getting drunk in emotion could cause him to lose himself, to such a state that even his allies will no longer recognize him. He knows that one part of true Strength is knowing when to unleash the beast within and knowing when to keep it caged. He knows that the beast must only be his ally and never his master. The moment the beast becomes his lord, then all will be lost.

The beast is one of the greatest sources of his power, but he knows that the greatest Strength is knowing when to use it, and knowing when not to.

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