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The Year So Far

Josh Martz

It's not over yet?
Quite a bit's happened so far!
But, cynics can't rest.

On the PS3:

Sony wants to die
a slow and tortuous death
Ouro has no cash

On the PSP:

Finally it came
Playing with the dead is fun
Lenneth's a hottie


At least it looks sweet
Here's hoping it plays well, but
Mobile gaming sucks

On DQ Wii:

I can't wait for this
I've always wanted to beat
Slimes with a Wiimote.

On Mother 3:

You're kidding me, right?
No localization here?
Let me get my bat...

On Zelda:

With Twilight Princess
You can play both versions.
I need two more hands.

On Jeanne d'Arc:

I'd stake my life that
This game will be quite scorching.
I'm going to hell.

On Trusty Bell:

We've always needed
Games based on the great Chopin.

On Takeovers:

I'm planning something.
I will make you bow to me.
Still free dental, though.

On Leaving:

Well, it has been fun.
Let's hope Terrant doesn't suck.
Hope my stab wounds heal.

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